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Review by rody_44 See Profile

  • Location: Quakertown,Bucks,PA
  • Cost: $42 per month
Good "8-2008 and still good, also still thirty three a month"
Overall "very good connection"
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very very good connection.still good 1 outage that lasted 3 hours in the last three years. speeds are now 6-750 with 16-1 available for 10 dollars extra. ability to reach speeds is 24/7 update, still good after all these years. ten dollars extra now gets you 16/2. im now paying 33 instead of 43, edit! now 6-10-09 still no outages but i gave up my triple play so now im back to paying 43 dollars for internet and 20.50 for tv. still very happy with the service after all these years. Still a good connection but getting pricey now.

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