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Review by actor90 See Profile

  • Location: Tuckerton,Ocean,NJ
  • Cost: $196 per month
Good "Offers many features, and is very reliable. Compassionate and understanding of their customers."
Bad "Price can be high."
Overall "Above average service, that is dependable, compassionate customer service."
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*******UPDATE 7/20/2013*******

Due to circumstances beyond my control, super storm Sandy to be precise, I had to move out of Comcast territory. My final review will be about how Comcast handled me as a customer after the super storm and how they handled me not returning as a customer. In both instances Comcast handled me very professionally and compassionately.

The super storm destroyed my home, filling it with 4 to 5 feet of water, all the Comcast equipment was destroyed. This included an Arris modem, SA8300 HD DVR, and a Netgear router. All destroyed beyond repair. I feared when I called to tell Comcast this that I would be charged for the equipment, as I could not recover it from my wrecked home. I was wrong, Comcast understood the situation and graciously wrote off the equipment at no cost to me, and temporarily suspended my account until I could return to my home. They handled me so thoughtfully and with such caring that I will never forget it.

After things settled out I ended up moving away from Comcast territory and had to close my account with them. Once again they were completely understanding and closed the account with no issue. Even telling me they owed me 50 dollars that they would issue a check for and send to my new address. I will never forget Comcast and they way they handled me during this tragedy.

*******UPDATE 2/13/2010*******

Comcast has completed their Docsis 3.0 upgrade to their Toms River, NJ system. I now get the soon to be retired Ultra speed tier of 22/5. It will be replaced by the new 20/4 tier that will replace Ultra and 16/2 Blast tier. I am cautiously optimistic that I will be grandfathered in under my contract, and able to keep the 22/5 Ultra tier till the contract expires in 6 months. The speeds are incredible and a great bargain when under a bundle contract. my signal levels aren't perfect, but acceptable.

The only area that Comcast is lagging behind is in the amount of HD channels they offer through their Toms River, NJ system. The most glaring absences are the Philadelphia broadcast channels in HD. This area is between the New York and Philadelphia television markets. We should have both sets of HD channels. Since this is a Scientific Atlanta area, our DVR and converter boxes are also lacking functionality in some ways compared to what Comcast is doing in the Motorola areas.

Overall, I am satisfied and hopeful that the issues listed above will be addressed soon.

*******UPDATE 6/10/2009*******

Comcast since my last update has increased speeds and began installing Docsis 2.0 and 3.0 in my area. I get the impressive Blast speed tier of 16Mb/2Mb which is more then enough speed to accomplish anything. Also Comcast has stopped impeding P2P traffic and initiated a reasonable data cap of 250GB a month. Comcast is still pricey but worth it.

*******UPDATE 9/12/2007*******

Since my last review Comcast has added the smoke and mirrors of "Power Boost." Basically power boost gives you a short burst on your downloads and uploads, but with big files it will average out to the current cap, which for me, after more then a year is still 8Mb/768kbps. Comcast has added a Blast speed tier in areas that have FIOS competition that is 16Mb/2Mb at the same price I pay for 8Mb/768kbps it's Comcastic!

Comcast has added digital voice, their VoIP offering. Through a 2 year package deal, I have all the digital channels, movie channels, digital voice, and 8Mb/768kbps HSI for the price of about $182.00 a month including the HD DVR. That deal is pretty good. Overall Comcast is better then some, and worse then others, average service to slightly above average. The reason I have lowered Comcast to average service, is the addition of the sandvine protocol which limits and blocks P2P traffic for everyone, not just the abusers. It has lowered the value of their service to me.

*******UPDATE 5/10/2006*******

Since my last post to this review I have gone to the Gold Tier on the High Speed Internet. My speeds are now 8Mb/768kbps, I usually get my advertised speeds. The only complaint I have, is the horrible AT&T backbone that Comcast contracts to, to connect HSI users outside the Comcast network. AT&T's backbone on many days is like a bottle neck. It can slow things down to a crawl. I find the service from Comcast when it comes to High Speed Internet, to be extremely reliable. The price, as always, is high, but you get what you pay for. We hardly ever loose our connection. Comcast has made cable a reliable utility that you can count on. That is saying something, considering just 20 years ago it was a hit or miss service, with expected outages. Comcast has turned that image around. We all count on our service to work consistently, and it does.


I never wrote a review on Comcast before, because I didn't originally order my service from them. The cable company that served us originally was Adelphia. After years of poor service, and delays of offering Digital Cable and High Speed Internet, it was with relief Comcast traded systems to take over ours. With in a year we had Digital Cable and Comcast High Speed Internet.

Early on there were service problems, but with in a few months everything worked perfectly. A few minor bumps in the road here and there, but I must admit over all Comcast has been extremely stable and reliable for me. I have all their services from DVR on down, and it all works extremely well. It is so nice to call in a problem and have it dealt with, instead of getting excuses, like we did with Adelphia.

In the 3 or so years they have been servicing my area, I only had one major complaint. That was the length it time it took them to resolve a digital cable issue when they moved to 256QAM. The loss of some channels for a month bothered me, but it was fixed. Other then that, it has been a smooth ride, and Comcast did re-inverse me for the issue.

The price is higher then what we paid under Adelphia, but I think of it this way. You get what you pay for. We are getting excellent service. Also, of note, we started out at 1500/256 on the HSI, and two years later we are now getting 4000/384. At the same price. You can't beat that.

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