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Review by Chuck22 See Profile

  • Location: Salt Lake City,Salt Lake,UT
  • Cost: $64 per month
Good "Faster than dialup. Generally do have a connection."
Bad "Support services could be much better."
Overall "Is adequate--better than dialup. (I have no other options--no DSL)"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
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Comcast is okay. Obviously better than dialup. At my location I have either cable or dialup options. (Neighbors three blocks away can get DSL, but I cannot.) I do considerable research online thus dialup is really not an option. Generally my download speeds are very good. Upload is slow (but my needs are not too great). The few times I needed assistance, I found the Comcast Help Forums to be better help than using Comcast email, chat, or telephone assistance.

Update: Service occasionally down, but when calling support, nobody knows about any outage in "my area". Only service suggestions given so far were to shut down, then reboot (modem first, then pc); to wait an hour or two and see if service is restored; and (this one takes the cake!) use a dial-up service until cable comes back on! (My feelings about Comcast are not as good as when I initially wrote this review.)

Update: Service considerably more stable, reliable and generally better. Have nothing to complain about. (But faster uploads would be nice...)

Update(2): Had connection problems, Comcast finally sent out tech rep who found modem was intermittent (6 years old and dying). Replaced modem. New modem increased upload speed almost 6X. Hooray for Comcast!

Update(3): Still with Comcast, service here remains good. Rarely any outage. Both download and upload speeds have increased. No complaints!

Update(4): Comcast still working for me, and still the best in my area. Probably will stay with them until something better comes along.

Update(5): Still with Comcast. Is faster than the alternative (DSL). Unfortunately, has a few short outages per month. Still waiting for something better to come along. After about eight years, Comcast actually increased the "guaranteed for life" monthly internet price -- by not much, but I would think that "life" would be more than 8 years...

Update(6): Comcast cable is the fastest service available in my immediate area, so I'm still sticking with them. Adequate service for my needs.

Update(7): Still with Comcast as it is the only option in my immediate area which has any decent speed whatsover. If something else suitable was available, I would definitely check it out, but for now Comcast seems to be best choice here. Fairly good service and somewhat dependable as well. Still works for me.

Update(8): Since Comcast is my only option (and, more or less, it works for me) other than slower and less reliable (so I'm told) DSL, I'll stay with Comcast. Now if they would offer a more reliable modem...

Update(9): Yep, still with Comcast, but much happier now. Upgraded my internet connection speed. Now about 5 times faster for BOTH download and upload. Noticeably different now.

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