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Review by CUBS_FAN See Profile

  • Location: Chicago,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $93 per month
Good "No bloatware neccessary."
Bad "Very expensive for Silver speed tier. Previous service problems are difficult to resolve. Tech's tell you what you want to hear"
Overall "8 months to get my service fixed 5yrs ago and it's having problems once again. Not waiting 8 months for a resolution this time "
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
Since the recent upgrade Comcast has become very unstable with many issues in the system. On weekends when the neighborhood is online, service is fluctuating all over the place.
Easy install and Motorola modem is nice. Ip addresses change every now and then.4mbps downloads are reachable but at peak and then averaging mid 3 megs. Uploads are advertised at 384. Averaging high 350's. I would jump to DSL but not available yet, after 3 years.

***Months have passed since the review was written above. Now my speeds has literally tripled. Looks like upgrades don't go as smooth. Customer needs to be informed locally of maintenance on service. Seems to me that there is a communication break down between the national support and the locals.

*** It has been almost a year since my last update. I had to eliminate the cable television because the promo expired and it got too expensive. This change automatically downgraded me. I used to be at 8mbps, now its cut in half at 4mbps. Speed tests show me higher than 4 which isn't that bad.Some sites tests actually hit the 7mbps range, but I think it only measured the initial burst peak. I haven't had any service interrupts at all.
DSL still not available......

5-11-2007 • The new Double Speed burst works out great! 8 mb bursts up to 16mb. When performing bandwidth test I get burst speeds of 30mbps... Which seems unreal... Within the past 2 months my upload bandwidth went from 384kb to 1500kb or 1.5mb. Uploading pictures on Yahoo Photo's or Photobucket is a breeze. Sending emails with large attachments is fast too.

12-09-2007 • Ever since I received the upgrade speed burst I've had nothing but problems. My node is oversold and at peak times my MS is over 500ms. My download rates are as low as 2mbps at peak and during speed tests it crawls up to 2mbps. Everywhere I go on BBR and the Comcast forum is complaints about crowded nodes.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Comcast is making my connection worse as a ploy to get their Digital Voice telephone service.

1-28-2008 • After 8 months of scratching my head wondering why I'm having periodical latency issues my problems have finally been fixed ("knock on wood"). I can actually thank this site (dslreports.com) for helping me fix the problem. I was getting nothing but sympathy from the locals on the Comcast help Forum. As I look at the history of my posts I can see that the latency problem was developing long before May of 2007, but it seems that in May it was the straw that broke the camel's back. We'll see how long the quality of latency lasts until Comcast signs up another 400 people.

9-30-2008 • Pretty solid all summer long Every now and then I do see a latency spike but not to the point of an annoyance. The free upload upgrade to 1MB is good with speed bursts up to 2MB before dropping back down. My VOIP quality is acceptable

7-1-2009 • The free doubled speeds I got around May are a real convenience. Sustained upload's over 2 Meg are present at all times. Uploading files is a breeze. The new download speed of 12 Meg is awesome too. I can download a 700MB file in just about 8 mins flat. Don't get any better than that. When performing VOIP tests my QOS % can reach 99% at times which was almost unachievable in the past. Download powerboosts are only peaking around 16 megs. Before it was 20 & Up but I'll accept the sustained speed of over 12 meg.

10-29-2009 • Another year has passed with only slight service interruptions. Still have the 12 meg download with 16meg burst and the 2 meg upload is great for uploading pics to Facebook. Can't wait until the next upgrade whenever that will be.

VOIP test result:
Download speed 20650 Kbps
Upload speed 4377 Kbps
D/load COS 98 %
U/load COS 98 %
RTT 14 ms
RTT Consistency 77 %
Max Delay 8 ms
Avg Delay 1 ms
Max Bandwidth 20650 Kbps
Route Speed 37448 Kbps
Forced Idle 0 %

9-4-2012 • Still reliable without any hardware or plan changes. I still have the same SB5120 and now have a Cisco Valet Wireless Ethernet combo router installed. Able to run laptop's, Online gaming w/ the PS3 and Netflix on the iPad without any lags. I believe I have upgraded speeds at 16/2 and 24/4 burst's with the same Silver tier package. Every now and then I'll get a phone call from a Comcast salesman trying to get me to sign up for a bundle including their Digital Voice. Nothing can beat the yearly cost of MagicJack so I dont budge on my current service.

6-16-2013 • Just this past month I got a speed upgraded to 25/5. Got my Surfboard 5120 modem swapped out for a Cisco DPC3008. Only issue was back in March my line being cut and laying in the alley by Comcast without telling me. I had to place a service call and customer service had no clue why my line was cut. I saw a yellow tag attached to the other half of the line up on the telephone pole stating some "leakage". After a few days of suffering without internet a repairman came and found evidence of a squirrel chewing on the cable wire up on the telephone lines. Had the drop replaced and everything has been smooth since. HIGH-SPEED INTERNET $51.95. Limited Basic $29.99

Upstream: No shaper detected.
Median received rate: 5488 Kbps.

Downstream: No shaper detected.
Median received rate: 27477 Kbps.

10-4-2013 • I'm giving up on Comcast. Since my last update in June I've experience too frequent poor quality service. Frequent packet loss combined with high ping spikes that is getting worse day by day. I even tried upgrading to the Blast tier of 50/10. Only problem is my Cisco Valet wireless gateway can only give me download speeds of around 28Mbps. I think after exactly 10 years of service its time to try something new. So I'm going to try AT&T U-Verse which is cheaper without needing unnecessary Cable TV bundled in.

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Chicago Heights, IL