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Review by fatmanskinny See Profile

  • Location: Wandering
  • Cost: $180 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Triple Play Family here!"
Bad "Outages (very few) and customer service (painful)"
Overall "Still kicking...may give U-verse a try."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·Comcast Digital ..
*** Update as of 12/24/2011 ***

Comcast increased the speeds. I have had a few outages, ones impacting my ability to work from home, resulting in me having to drive into the office. Those are few and far in between, thank God.

U-Verse is supposed to be coming to my neighborhood in 2012. I may try it out.

*** Update as of 7/9/2008 ***

Well, I finally had to call Comcast for technical support. My internet and phone were acting flaky. I did some troubleshooting of my own based on DSLR feedback and Comcast's help site and called in a ticket to Comcast. While checking the eMTA for Digital Voice, I noticed it didn't have any backup batteries in there and that was from the original installation. Great!

While waiting for Comcast to fulfill their appointment (which they missed), the services started working again.

So I called Comcast back to ask what happened and why a tech never came out. They told me that there was a known outage in my area for the phone and internet. Great! I wonder how I would have known that when it wasn't on their phone announcement when you punch in your info.

Second, the tech was supposed to bring me backup batteries. The person I spoke to said a supervisor is working with a dispatcher to coordinate a delivery of the batteries. Gotta love that Comcastic customer service.

I politely informed the lady that I don't like to believe that Comcast's customer service is horrible like some people in newspapers and on websites make it out to be. However, when I have an experience like this, it makes me want to take my business elsewhere.

Anyhoo, if the telcos lower the cost of their phone service and internet, I may be switching over to AT&T. In the meantime, Comcast need an overhaul of their customer service.

*** Update as of 6/19/2008 ***

Comcast is still going pretty strong. I also moved to Comcast Digital Voice service which is compatible with my home alarm system. I cannot tell the difference between a Bell line and CDV. Actually, CDV features are sweeter and cost much less.

Being that Comcast Digital Voice has a dial tone, you can fax over it as well without any additional equipment (filters, etc). I am loving it.

*** Update as of 9/29/2007 ***

Still going strong. No outages and speeds have been very stable. I also added a wireless router that I purchased and the speeds are still sweet.

*** Update as of 6/4/2007 ***

I had a few cable outages, which automatically take down HSI. Other than that, the service has been pretty good. Also, Comcast recently gave me some promotional prices on my current service. $33 for internet over the next year.

Oh, I forgot to mention the PowerBoost speeds that hit my area...simply amazing.

Hey, it is Comcastic.

*** Update as of 12/1/2006 ***

I am back home! Speeds test at 6330k / 367k. Woo hoo. Super fast. Twice the speed of DSL. Dang, its fast. I can feel the wind. I received 6 months at $19.95. Woo hoo.

The prodigal internet son has returned home to Comcast HSI. It's Comcastic.

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