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Review by King P See Profile

  • Location: Franklin,Williamson,TN
  • Cost: $62 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Fast connection, near immediate set up"
Bad "Prices are too high (after specials), too many outages"
Overall "Due to the outages and high prices, I won't go back to Comcast"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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September 2011:
Cancelled Comcast internet service since my "Business" went south. Am now on a local WISP provider on a 10/2 package for $20/month.

Mid January 2010: Franklin, TN
Changed over to the business package of 12/2 for 59.99. Service is still rock solid, plus I can resell bandwidth to recover some of the cost for a true unlimited connection.

January 2010: Franklin, TN
Signed up with Comcast for the 22/4 package for 34.99/mo.
Speeds are great, set up was quick. We stream Roku to the TV (Netflix, AMZ, etc.) so this was a great deal for us. 34.99 is for 6 months, I'll be calling to extend it for another 6 when the promo runs out.

So far so good. Connection has been rock solid, with no lag or drops.

August 2003; Murfreesboro, TN

The package that I ordered was 1.5/256 @ 19.99 for 3 months. After that, the price jumped up to 61.95 (we didn't have cable tv). The set up was fast, the tech support was ok, but there were way too many outages for my tastes. I worked as a telecommuter at the time, so having a stable connection was vital to me.

After 6 months of service (3 months @ 19.99, and 3 more months @ 61.95) I dropped Comcast and went with BellSouth.

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It hurts to be loyal

Here in Minneapolis/St Paul. We have had Comcast for the last 3 and one half years. Service has been pretty good: a couple of outages and a little slow in evenings (20 Blast).

The cost has kept going up. We started at 42.95, then 5x.95, then over a year ago to 59.95, and now $69.95. We have our own modem and just internet.

Everyone knows that Comcast likes new customers way more than existing customers. While that's not just Comcast, I deal with no company where there is such a difference in deals and customer service between new and existing customers.

There is very little choice here in the twin cities, which is why Comcast is so expensive. The only other choice is Qwest (or a reseller of Qwest) and I hate Qwest even more than Comcast. But I'll have to switch over for six months and then return to Comcast as the prodigal son.



Wishing I had Comcast

At 22 I've lived in apartments for 4 years or so now with Comcast always being my service provider. After moving this year I finally had to leave Comcast due to it not being hosted in our area. Instead we have Brighthouse and AT&T.
Starting off I have a basic basic package: 3mbps connection and 20 local channels on cable.
(As a female college student and socialite I'm not home to much but when I am it's nice to hop on the net and or watch tv.)
To upgrade to basic cable (64 channels) I would be paying $90!
Just for minimum connection speeds and 64 channels without DVR or HD? Better still is the unreliable customer service that I called 7 times in a row and stayed on the line with for 4 hours just to make an account to activate my Security Suite they offer!
Same- Basic channels and 3mbps internet with DVR for one room without installation fees is 79.99. And the sales rep kept pushing me to add home phone service even when I told her I wasn't interested.
12mbps internet, 120 channels with HBO and Starz, On Demand, HD and Wifi Router all for 60 a month.
Customer service top notch- Called several times and problems were fixed within 10 minutes. Connection was the best around- especially playing online XBOX with a wifi connection while having a laptop and desktop running on the connection as well.
Enough said.
For every service I've been offered NO company has come close to matching the deals and service Comcast has. I only wish I had known the area I'm in doesn't offer Comcast, because frankly I wouldn't have moved here. That's how important and wonderful I believe their service is.
Thanks Comcast- I hope to be a loyal customer again soon.