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Review by CplEstesUSMC See Profile

  • Location: Winston,Douglas,GA
  • Cost: $20 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Excellent download speed, good relibility. POP3email."
Bad "Web pages stall during peak hours, I would imagine lost acks would cause that."
Overall "Great speed for the $$ great reliability in my area."
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Easy to install. I didn't like the installation software so I just called in the MAC. Took about 45 minutes. Of course I tested it on this site and I was told that my upload MTU was lower than what it should be. I enabled PATH MTU Discovery and that did nothing. I think Comast is trying to get around the setting set on the individual machine. I think this is to combat people uploading to file-sharing programs. Latency is something to be worked on and I did a What's up gold scan and found about 20 other users that I'm sharing with. I'm moving around ATL and I'm ready for 6 meg DSL. It's just a better way of getting business done. Overall, however, Comcast blows away any Cable provider seeing as how they don't have much competition from Charter or Cox. Never had to call for tech support. I have my own Motorla 5150 and Dlink gigbit QOS router. Tested speeds ( on ) said I was getting around 6.1 megs down and 270k up.


So they installed my VRADs for U-Verse 6 months ago and still nothing, I got tired of waiting and Comcast called me telling me about $20 for 15/3. I need all of the upload I can get because there is nothing worse than uploading 1 gig worth of hi-def video on a 512k up link (AT&T DSL extreme 6.0). So I guess this will hold me over, I used my old DOCSIS 2.0 Modem and I burst around 30 megs and I get 15-16 during peak hours. Web pages still stall sometimes like cable has always done, and I'm sure Comcast hates skype. I'm sure a DOCSIS 3.0 modem would speed up all of these numbers but I'm still holding out for U-Verse

(Got U-Verse around 6 2011 , disappointed with upload.)

September 3 2012

Comcast got me again with a better deal than AT&T. $40 for 25/5, I had the help of some smart people on here help me get my error rates down to nothing. Buy using the proper 1GHZ splitter (vs 2ghz) to have the line that feeds the modem bypass the AMP, I then manually grounded this splitter and I went from having "errored codewords" increase with every screenshot, they barely increase by 10 over the course of a few days.

One last thing to note, Comcast, in my area, goes out when the power goes out. I have a UPS for my modem/router and I still loose connection when I loose power. U-Verse does not do this.

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