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  • Location: Pittsburg,Contra Costa,CA
  • Cost: $94 per month (24 month contract)
Good "Fast, stable internet connection, phone is great too!"
Bad "None"
Overall "Currently I have Comcast Business Internet with 5 IP's and Digital Voice and I'm very satisfied"
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·Comcast Business..

Comcast has really cleaned up their act. I've been having problems with my internet lately and called their tech support for some help. My connection kept on timing out every 20 seconds so they said that they will send out a tech to my house. The man that came out was very nice man who told me he had seven kids! But that's another story!

Anyways, he measured signals in my house and at the side of my house and at the tap. BTW, I live in where the cable is underground....Signals were kinda low at the side of my house...-3db on channel 555 where there was also a 8-way splitter. To boost up the signals he put in two three-way splitters and changed my drop. He also said the signal was kinda low at the tap too. So he said that they will come back and do some work the next day and they did. Another gentleman knocked on my door the next day and told me that he finished up on some work down the street at the amplifier to boost up the signal for everybody in my court.

I give it up to these two gentlemen who did their job and made a customer happy.

The first gentleman went over and beyond to fix whatever he can at my house who btw, had four more other jobs to go to after me and I was the first in his day. And the second gentleman, followed it up the next day by knocking on my door to tell me that he finished the job. Good job Comcast! BTW, I live in the Concord, Pittsburg, Baypoint area in the San Francisco Bay Area.


How I feel about Comcast as of 2/13/2010:

I now have Comcast Business Internet and Digital Voice and I have to say that I'm very satisfied. The customer service support that I get as a business customer is way better than being on a residential account. I have my own personal customer service rep and technician that I call and they help me right away. My internet connection seems more stable too as a business customer. Keep in mind I have this service at my home but don't run a business. I do currently run servers though and that is why I considered getting a business account. I pay $44 a month for the internet plus an additional $10 for 5 IP's and $39.99 for the digital voice. My cable TV is on a residential account with Comcast. Comcast Business Class is great.

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