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Review by OldschoolDSL See Profile

  • Location: Indian Orchard,Hampden,MA
  • Cost: $45 per month
  • Install: about 16 days
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PLEASE BE ADVISED: I keep a full detail record. What this means is while most people when updating their review, often will replace their experience with the most current experience. I on the other hand continue to ADD onto my experiences. ~~ Thank you! ~~

Comcrap is crap-tastic!

1.) Was lied to about free install. They tried to bill me 250.00 because they had to connect my outside wire. Allow me to be clear and say, the house was already wired for cable. They wanted to charge me 250.00, just to plug line "1" into line "2".

Upon calling them, they brought down that charge to 50.00 to have the tech install in my home. I was told the free install was only if I did it myself. I told them I could have done it myself, but the guy said no and continued to work. Was told by him it was part of the free setup.

2.) The install took them over 14 days. First I was told they would have someone over my house in 1 day. They claimed someone had come by and that I was not there. They wanted to charge me to have someone come out again, but I pointed out that I had the complete day off and that the guy next door waited with me, who was already a member. They agreed not to bill me for a "second" visit.

Truck comes 7 days later and even after they hooked up my computer, there was still no connection to the Internet. Turns out the filter in the box on the poll was bad and I had to wait another 8 days for someone to replace it.

3.) When I joined, I was told I would get 3 months free. I was billed for 4 months (the 3 free + 1 month in advanced). When I called up, I was told that I did not sign up under the promo and agreed to pay full price up front. It took 2 weeks to find someone to credit me my service.

4.) My connection fell 2x and I waited 3 hours on hold the first time and 1 1/2 the second time.

5.) Although I can not totally blame Comcrap, the IP I was given was being targeted with a DOS command. Their Tech Support confirmed this, but did not know how to change my IP. I got it to changed after being offline for 1 week. Further more, no one would credit me for the time I was offline because of it.

6.) Was billed for my OWN modem. They claimed that I was using theirs, when I had my own. Once I had this removed, I noticed a surcharge fee that was the same value of their modem fee added onto my bill. I called up Comcrap and was told that it was to cover Federal Fees and Taxes. Funny on how it was the same value of the modem fee and it was added as soon as they removed it.

7.) I was told that my bill would be only 39.95 + tax. It ended up being 49.95 + tax. They claim that I was miss quoted. Offered me 1 months free service, which I never got.

8.) My service was unplugged for 7 days, because a Comcast Tech mixed up my line on the poll with someone else's.

9.) Got a letter saying I used too much bandwidth, during the time someone else was getting my High Speed for free (see #8 above)

10.) Was called up 10x or more asking me if I wanted Comcast High Speed, even after already getting Comcast High Speed. Calls in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

11.) Kept getting someone else's e-mail. My e-mail kept either getting lost or sent to someone else.

12.) Could not end service. After all this, it was time to get out. But doing so, took another 1 month. I was still billed for 1 month in advance and wanted to be credited for it, but was told no. So I paid 2 months of service I never got... 1 month in advance and 1 month after my service was over.

Avoid them as if they where the plague!!!!!!

~~ 11 - 01 - 2006 ~~ UPDATE

Was forced to move to Comcast while waiting for my DSL Service (Verizon) to reconnect. In short, I was told I could have Dry Loop (naked dsl), but was later told this information was incorrect.

Comcrap prices have gone up from 49.00 to 60.00 a month. There speeds start at 6mb/768kb, but for some reason they have me at only 1.5MB/768kb. I called up Comcast as I'm paying for 6MB/768, but they are unable or unwilling to address the problem. They claim they have no idea on why I'm stuck at 1.5MB and recommended I upgrade to their 8MB speed for 80.00 if I'm unhappy.

The service keeps going on and off. One moment I'll be online and then next thing I know, it offline for an hour.

~~ 03 - 12 - 2007 ~~ UPDATE

Got a call from a creditor today, who claims I still owed Comcast 224.93. At first I thought the call was a scam to dish out my credit card or mail them a check. I had long sense ended my service with Comcast and paid off all my bills (yuk!).

Decided to call the local Comcast Dept. and sure enough they "claimed" I kept my modem and TV box. For the record, I never had a TV Box & I DID return their modem. It would seem now I have this on my credit report as well. Funny thing to add to all this, I not one ever got a bill or letter about this before (until now).

~~ 06 - 21 - 2007 ~~ UPDATE

Staying with my in-laws for a while (how did my loving wife, get me to agree to this? LOL) and you guessed it.. They use Comcast. There service goes on and off 4x a day (at the same time, every day). But as I'm not paying for it, I guess I can't really say much. Speeds change often. Sometimes it's what you would expect and other times you wish you had been using dial-up (it would be FASTER). Their digital cable seems to get "fuzzy" and on-demand has a load error, which seems to fix its self if you reload the movie at least the 2nd time.

~~ 09 - 17 - 2007 ~~ UPDATE

I'm moving out of a Comcast service area and exchanging it for Charter. The above remains true at this time.

~~ 09 - 17 - 2007 ~~ CLOSED REVIEW (ended service)

~~ 01 - 27 - 2009 ~~ OPENED REVIEW (restarted)

I moved once more and Comcast was the ONLY option for service here on high-speed. DSL is now not an option (unknown reasons, but was told it's not).

Service is surprisingly good, so far. Will better update later.

~~ 06 - 22 - 2009 ~~ UPDATE

Their service has improved, but their billing has not. I kept getting billed for a modem I own. I bought mine at Best Buy and they would bill me monthly for it. This was easily corrected when I faxed them a copy of proof of owning it. But sometime after, they continued to re-bill me for my own modem.

After leaving Comcast for Verizon... They say I owe them for the modem. Needless to say, they can report me to credit it they like. I'm not giving back the modem I bought with my own money and not re-paying for it.

~~ 06 - 22 - 2009 ~~ ENDED REVIEW (ended service)

~~ 02 - 24 - 2010 ~~ OPEN REVIEW (re-started)

Just moved to a new location and Verizon was unable to decide if service for DSL could be installed. One department said yes and another said no. So I took a chance and ordered Comcast, despite my bad past with them (only cable company in the area).

Thus far all is well and for once the service is stable and the price is good at 24.95 a month + 5.00 for their modem. I plan on buying my own (again) and with some much-needed luck, they will not try to bill me for leasing one (once I own my own and return theirs). Was very impressed that they could do the install almost the same day (called 1am to order and installed 12pm, 11 hours later).

3rd party agent though who came to hook up the pole ($31.00 self install), was very rude. Wanted me to sign a paper so he could do a full install (never ordered it and would never pay 150.00). Was upset I had not yet setup my computer (had just moved) and again tried to force a pro install on me. Finally got upset and drop the install kit on the floor and hit the door on the way out.

Can not blame Comcast for rude 3rd party agent, but wish they used their own staff and agent was more friendly.

Thus far I rate Comcast at: B (normally F - )

~~ 03 - 24 - 2010 ~~ UPDATE

The service remains surprisingly good.

HOWEVER, they do have a billing issue. I never received any bills from them and every time I called to see how much I owed, I was told that a bill had not been processed yet. I got it into my head that it maybe a good idea to pay "something" up front, but their system would not allow me to as some how my original order was still marked "pending" (original order, was to order the service). In short, some part of Comcast would not ID me as a customer (can't pay for what you do not have).

So I found it every upsetting that today, I get a "Shut off notice" which tells me I have less than 1 week to make a payment or they'll cut me off. I had checked their system two days ago and still could not send payment. However today, I get this letter and finally their system shows a past due balance.

I am a little worried now about my future dealings and can only imagine the trouble I'll have once I order myself a new modem. I really do not want a repeat of the past (billed for something I own).

~~ 05 - 22 - 2010 ~~ UPDATE

Thus far Comcast has been VERY stable, affordable, and HAS NOT billed me for my modem (which I now own).

~~ 06 - 04 - 2010 ~~ UPDATE

All (or most) of Comcast New England (MA, CT, RI, Main, NH) was offline (Internet, TV, phone). Service was restored generally 3 hours later (2 1/2 for me) & since then I have been subject (so have other I've known) to "random" outages & slower speeds and/or lag time.

~~ 07 - 09 - 2010 ~~ UPDATE

There seems to be a "random" re-direct issue with Comcast DNS.

~~ 08 - 28 - 2010 ~~ UPDATE

Service is stable except when raining. Local Comcast Techs confirmed (3x) water was going into the box on the pole and "flushed" it out. Cable as been stable since the last time they came by.

~~ 11 - 21 - 2010 ~~ UPDATE

I seem to be having a continued issue with weather related problems. Although after 6 servers visits, only 1 Tech could confirm that issue maybe weather related... Despite the fact that issues only happen during bad weather.

~~ 12 - 13 - 2010 ~~ UPDATE

»[Connectivity] Unbelievable download / 0 upload

Not only has Comcast sent out 10 Techs out to my house over the year. It took me that whole time to finally get 1 single credit for the lack of support, service, and outage. The day they finally issue a credit, they also billed me for "attempting" to fix it. So I still owe them the same amount as my monthly bill.

Their customer service guarantee is pointless.

~~ 12 - 15 - 2010 ~~ UPDATE

Comcast is ignoring on the above issue

I've called them 3x. Got hung up on all 3x. Called back and they claim this was the 1st time I called.

Was ignored on the Comcast Forum by Comcast Staff

And seem to be ignored on The Comcast Direct Forum here.
»[Connectivity] Here we go AGAIN

~~ 01 - 19 - 2011 ~~ UPDATE

»[Connectivity] Unbelievable download / 0 upload

Thought I'd update this...

1) Never truly got the credit I was promised & ended up paying for the "repairs" (if you want to call them that).

2) Got our 1st true rain storm today and my internet keeps going on & off. Oddly it did not do this during the 2 1/2 feet snow storm, only during the rain.

3) Will be helping The FCC test my broadband connection & services
»FCC wants me to be part of their broadband sudy

4) Got the 3rd letter in less than 1 year, that they'll be raising prices in my area.

But yes.... I'm still having issues with Comcast.

~~ 02 - 14 - 2011 ~~ UPDATE

I think this post will speak for its self.

»[Rant] Customer Service Guarantee

~~ 04 - 08 - 2011 ~~ UPDATE
»[Bill] Rental Modems Fee - $10.00

Comcast changed their modem rental fees from the original $5.00 fee.

Much like how their monthly bills vary by location and plan type; now so do the monthly rental fees which also seem to vary by location and plan type.

Modem fees vary from $7.00 , $10.00, and $12.00

NOTE: The fee "should not" apply to me, as I currently own my own modem.

~~ 04 - 20 - 2011 ~~ UPDATE

I do not like their billing and hidden fees.

Downgraded my services as I felt I was paying too much. So Comcast pro-rated my bill for part of a months service at one price plan and the other part of the month at another price plan.

My bill should have been $16.00 less and even their credits reflect this correctly, but they then charged me a 16.00 "upgrade fee" (even though I downgraded). So there was no savings :/

~~ 05 - 19 - 2011 ~~ UPDATE

Upon 2 years of having issues with service during the rain. Over 30 phone calls and 25 visits... My issue "maybe" resolved.

»[Rant] 2 years worth of RAIN

~~ 08 - 04 - 2011 ~~ UPDATE

I've been working A LOT outside of normal Comcast business hours. So calling 1-800-Comcast was not an option when I wanted to upgrade my services. It only made since to use their website, »www.Comcast.com

Sadly after almost (or maybe a little over) 1 week of trying to order services. I feel that maybe Comcast is providing false advertising on their website.

It maybe "technically" possible to order the services offered, but upon trying to complete an order... You are automatically directed to speak with a live agent and NO agent seems willing or able to provide the plans offered on their website.

After speaking with over 12+ other agents & on several different days, all of whom attempted to "change" my order ... ie.... Sell me something I was not interested in, did not want, and was not looking to order.... Most would disconnect the chat when it became clear I could not be "pushed into" buying something else, but all would cancel my original request order.

1 agent even through error, provided me the account details of two other customers.

»Comcast Rep gave me ANOTHER customer's details

~~ 08 - 17 - 2011 ~~ UPDATE

To follow-up with my 08-04-2011 update.... It took 2 1/2 weeks to finally get everything setup. And another 1 week for (3 weeks total) for Comcast to finally call me to follow-up (when they said it would have been only 3 - 5 days). Got the call yesterday and basically told them the matter was resolved.

Clearly Comcast needs to improve on its own communication with themselves (internal communication) and also with their customers.

~~ 08 - 22 - 2012 ~~ UPDATE
Comcast just updated my modem. This is something I always fear. The last 3 modems which I owned (not leased from Comcast) in the last 3 updates, died soon after (personally, I think they were killed).

Western Massachusetts (Indian Orchard)

New fireware and software

Model Name: SB6120
Vendor Name: Motorola
Firmware Name: SB_KOMODO-
Boot Version: PSPU-Boot
Hardware Version: 3.0
Serial Number: 317001********************************
Firmware Build Time: Apr 17 2012 15:09:37

From the logs

Aug 22 2012 00:31:34 6-Notice E102.0 SW Download INIT - Via Config file d11_m_sb6120_economyplus_c01.cm

Aug 22 2012 00:32:30 6-Notice E112.0 SW download Successful - Via Config file

Let us hope all remains good without any worries. I currently am on their economy plan (limited local channels and basic internet for $45). At this point, the "rain issue" seems to be resolved, but I'll not say for sure until this coming winter when we get snow and ice.

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