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Review by dandelion See Profile

  • Location: Germantown,Shelby,TN
  • Cost: $44 per month
Good "The only cable offered in my area"
Bad "Fair"
Overall "Usually things improve when not a monopoly"
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The steps you have to go through on the answering machine when calling to order, get help, start or stop a service etc. is excessive even from today's standards and there is a possibility you will get cut off while waiting then need to start it all again.

You can call Comcast, speak to a very nice customer service rep, think all is arranged and call back only to find out all is NOT arranged and totally different information is given out between one rep and another. If you desire to talk to a supervisor there is none available usually so you wait for a possible phone call. I don't believe this is different from most cable though. I DO object to them using shoddy modems i.e. not a new one even in the stores and all rebuilt. So far mine is working but there is a rattle inside if you shake it.

Updating review. Comcast OK having my own modem. They have messed up my speed tier then after three calls and escalation finally fixed. This is standard for most cable companies I think. In other words none are very friendly?

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Germantown, TN

Comcast still about the same

In all this time, Comcast hasn't changed much. They are the only cable around, still a monopoly though there are other alternatives I like cable the best. I think their customer service leaves a lot to be desired but probably not as bad as some I've read about either.