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Review by ArkhmAsylm See Profile

  • Location: Saint Paul,Ramsey,MN
  • Cost: $10 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Much faster than Qwest DSL"
Bad "Techs always push to replace modem when trouble calls (seldom)"
Overall "Dynamite speeds and good reliability"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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- (Original review - approximately 12/2005 - Cost $42.95) I was wary of switching from my long-held Qwest DSL service (672/256 $37) because Comcast didn't provide a 'dedicated line', but in testing my in-law's Comcast connection over a period of time I found that the connection was consistent & that the pipe was big! Few disruptions w/Comcast in my first year with nothing to differentiate from my Qwest connection...but SPEED. My test speeds are near the top of the results charts, but I don't believe for a second that (even w/PowerBoost) my 6000/384 connection is providing me with a 30Mb equivalence. Let's just say that I think I'm getting my money's worth.

NOTE: I bought my own SB5120 and opted for the self-install. Initially, the service did crap out a lot and there were several outages. After a few phone calls I finally scheduled a tech visit and he spent several hours testing and making calls, finally ending up installing a 6 DB attenuator at my modem and a 3 DB at the drop from the pole. From that point on is where my review begins.

- UPDATE #1 (approx. 5/2007 - Cost approx. $43.95) - After a year and a half, things are pretty much as before. While I have seen the connection upgraded to 6M/1M, I seem to have lost Power Boost on the up-side. Still showing 30M/1M on the tests, but I find that the median download is 8M, at best. The connection is sometimes flaky, not unlike the customer service folks. Thankfully, I've not had to call them in a while!

- UPDATE #2 (approx. 8/2010 - Cost approx. $46 for the Performance tier) - Everything remains copacetic. The connection pretty much seems to always be there with not too many slow downs. They are raising their rates (by a dollar or two) for the first time since signing on - I wish I could take solace in that, but knowing that their costs for providing the service are likely going down tends to eat at you. STILL NEED SOME COMPETITION!! (You get that, FCC??)

- UPDATE #3 (5/9/2014 - Cost $10 for one year, thereafter $63.95 for the BLAST tier) - Since my last review, speeds were upgraded several times (12M/2M, 20M/4M, 25M/5M) and the price of the service was up to $53.95. The service had been largely trouble free since the last review, but speed testing had revealed speeds to be getting quite flaky during the last year - on average I figure I'd been getting 18M/3M. Considering that my SB5120 DOCSIS 2.0 modem may not be offering the best performance possible when the service was at its best, I (along with a much needed new computer build) decided to upgrade to an ARRIS SB6141.

Comcast is in the midst of another speed upgrade/doubling for the East coast, but no news regarding my region in the Midwest. The wife and I were getting tired of paying so much for our cable TV from Comcast, so we called to tell them "we're cancelling" (1st time we've done that). Long story short: They gave us one of their 1 year (no contract) deals that dropped the overall bill by about $45 dollars, and in asking them about the internet speed doubling (which the gentleman in the retention dept. claimed to have no knowledge of AT ALL) they gave us a package that included the BLAST tier of 50M/10M. My speed tests through TestMy.net and Xfinity's test site (for both IPv4 & IPv6) are consistently 55M/10.5M (topping at 62M/11.8M). If after the package year is up and they have no replacement deals for us, my hope is that the speed doubling will have come through which would allow me to 'downgrade' to the new Performance speeds of 50M/10M - fingers crossed there!

ALSO: competition-wise it's the same-ol', same-ol' with my only other internet option being CenturyLink DSL. After years of being stuck in the sub 8M range, they now tell me that they can get me 'up to' 20M...for about the same price as my old service. FCC - THIS ISN'T COMPETITION!!!

Until next time, Cheers!

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