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Review by m0unds See Profile

  • Location: Albuquerque,Bernalillo,NM
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Speed is decent"
Bad "Routing sucks, tech support is a bunch of script readers"
Overall "If the cost was lower and their support personnel were more receptive, it'd be great."
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Connection Reliability:
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I'm a systems administrator and my internet connection is my portal to work.

I just moved to a new place and needed to get broadband. I'd been a Speakeasy customer for 5 years, and I'd been getting sick of dealing with the Speakeasy > Covad > Qwest love triangle, so I looked for an alternative. Unfortunately, there aren't many in Albuquerque. I spoke to friends with Comcast service in the areas closest to my new place and they'd had nary a problem. I bit the bullet and kept my DSL modems in the event something happened so I'd be able to get DSL installed here in a pinch. I ordered the service through PNM Onelink, which ended up working out pretty decently. I requested the 8mbit/768kbit package.

The installer came to install the television service and internet on 4/29. I'd entered an additional user because I heard that Comcast requires the use of their software to activate modems on their network. The modem I had purchased was a Motorola SB5120.

I spoke to the tech while he installed the TV service and mentioned that I use my connection for work. He told me he'd use the phone order system to enter my MAC and request a Comcast userID and password so he wouldn't have to compromise my system with their software. Sweet.

He called in and activated my modem, I plugged it in and attached the coax, it synced up and I was able to go online. My first destination was to speedtest.net, where I pushed 15215kbit/1655kbit. Sweet. The tech finished up and left.

I've had no issues with dropouts or packet loss, but I've noticed that the routing on AT&T (Comcast's peering partner) is kind of stupid sometimes. I.e. routing to a server I manage on the west coast first hits Atlanta and then goes out to CA. I've noticed this with a few other servers too.

At any rate, the service has been decent. The price is kind of high (but not much higher than what I was paying for Speakeasy)

*Update 05/04/07*

Comcast dropped the ball and quadruple billed me for my first month of service, stating that my install date was 02/15/2007, and prorated the rest of Feb, all of March and all of April. I contacted customer service to have it evaluated and they noted it was in error and request a credit, but it won't be tendered for 3-6 months. I contacted my local office and heard the same thing. I contacted the Utility Franchise Board in Albuquerque to nudge Comcast on my behalf. I guess we'll see how that pans out.

*Update 03/27/09*

Comcast has been doing some maintenance or something in the area which has led to horrible congestion during "peak hours" which I hadn't seen in the 2 years or so since I established my service with them. To cope with the added latency/loss, I'm exploring a Qwest DSL connection.

*Update 02/13/2010*

I'm back to Comcast after having Qwest DSL for nearly a year. Cable isn't nearly as stable (when the DSL RT isn't overloaded, that is) so I'll be using Comcast until I get moved into a new residence later this year, and I anticipate switching back to Qwest at that point. This second install was alright, the techs showed up during the window and provisioned my service with no issues. Their pricing still royally sucks, with the cost of 8mbit service being $10 more a month than I was paying for 12/5 service with Qwest.

*Update 06/2011* I'd been having intermittent connectivity issues for a while, and also had issues getting Comcast support to help out. I ended up upgrading to Comcast Business Class, which, while more expensive, has been a significantly better experience for me. It's easier to get people on the phone, they commit truck rolls for repairs within a certain window, higher network priority, etc. It's been a lot nicer, and I'm much happier with them now. The upgrade process sucks, but everything else was great. I'm not going to bother writing another separate review about Comcast Biz, as this is still pretty relevant for western ABQ.

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