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Review by BiggA See Profile

  • Location: Madison,New Haven,CT
  • Cost: $45 per month (month by month)
Good "Stable Speed and connection, ok price"
Bad "Its not Fios, area not upgraded to 12/2"
Overall "Its the best option where I live, fast enough"
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Install Co-ordination:
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I have the $43 6/384 package, and it works just fine. Its nothing special, its not Fios, its not 16/2 or anything like that, but it works well, is simple to use, uses DHCP, and I own my own modem.

At one point I had horrendous stability, but I found out that the vast majority of it was coming from a router that just didn't have enough memory to deal with bittorrent, not Comcast.

Comcast does go down once in a blue moon, but for a $43 package, that what you expect. It is not a $10,000/mo connection with an SLA. It probably goes out once every couple of months, which is fine. So does the power, once every 6 months or so. On a consumer level nothing is 100% reliable.

I was one of the first to install in town, and it was a nightmare, as they hadn't turned it on under my street yet, a friend's install a year or so later was just fine. That's what I get for being an early adopter, but I enjoyed every early adopter day of 3mbps broadband (it has since been upgraded to 4, then to 6).

I got a Motorola Surfboard free after rebates from CircuitCity, which was a pain, but I own the modem now, so that is great.

Who calls support? No one. I hate support from all companies, when it goes out once a great while, it usually comes back, usually my Gmail withdrawal isn't too horrendous.

It is always rock solid at 6mbps down. The only issues arise from using bittorrent with most of the upload, and it jams the download, so that nothing works. This is not really Comcast's fault, it is just an inherent limitation of the technology, although more upload would help a LOT. 6/1 would be better. I suppose I could pay $10 more for the 8/768 package, but it seems that upload on both could be better.

All in all, its a good service, but its not anything special. Its there. It works. It gets me my Gmail, internet, IPTV shows, etc. I am a pretty heavy user, and I have never had any problems with limits or anything. I used to do 120-140GB/mo, I now do about 20GB/mo on average, but if I get on a Linux tangent, like I did this month, my usage could be 60-80GB, but the service is still solid.

All in all, I think my router limits me more than Comcast, in terms of upload connections and bittorrent type traffic. Maybe I should hit up Newegg for a new one.

UPDATE: June 2010:

Apparently our market is one of the lowest 15% on their priority list, so we are now on 6/1 (that I wanted so much several years ago), while the rest of the country is getting 12/2.

UPDATE November 2011:

We are now getting 8/2, which is nice, but still not as fast as other markets. It's generally fairly reliable, but after Irene, it took days to get service back, even after electrical power was restored by CL&P, AND it went down during SnowTober, even though CL&P stayed up the whole time. Connectivity uptime is not such a huge deal, however, as we all have AT&T smartphones that can get online to check email and such when the internet is out.

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