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Review by peterponds See Profile

  • Location: Lula,Hall,GA
  • Cost: $64 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "always on"
Bad "speed not constant"
Overall "pricey but dependable connection"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Lula, Ga
Install was great. Tech 30 minutes late, but i consider that basically on time. pleasant guy. did good job. install was Free. house had never had cable, so he had to carry the ladder, climb the pole,mess with the wires, run cable down pole, to house.
Support iffy. had 2 issues. they fixed one. i had to figure the other one out myself.
Connection. stable. never goes down.
Speed. Terrible. i have 6MB service, and though speed testing at various sites shows high 3 to high 4MBs, in actual use i'm getting 300KB/s. Sometimes 700KB/s, but ususlly 300. I wonder how that would change if I downgrade.
Price summer special of $20/mo. after that it will go to about 45 with cable tv, or 60 something w/o. good deal now, but 300KB/s for 60 bucks is a lousy deal.
Bottom line: give comcast points for service( can't believe I'm actually saying this), but connestion is way too slow the the price(60). i would switch to dsl if i could have it w/o a landline.

update 7/08/07 screamed along at 800kB/s last night. Ooooeee! (does comcast read BBR?

update 3/5/08 shortly after last update got promised speed(6MB) all the time with no down time ever for many months. although i Hate them for their appalling business practices, i have to admit the connection was very good( i don't file share so not subject to all the sandvine controversy). but in the past 2 weeks connection has gone down almost daily for minutes to hours. Price has risen steadily to $52/mo. now, including basic cable(which is so basic i don't even have the cable box plugged in as there is nothing but religeous, shopping, local acces on it besides 2-3 network channels.)

update 5/17/08 service down on 3 separate days last week, for several hours each time.

update 9/30/08 exit interview. all the introductory pricing expired, so now paying over $60 for 6meg plus basic cable i never watched( cable box not even plugged in.) swithed to dsl. $48 for 6meg.
connection: A almost always on full speed at 6meg
support: C depends who you get
corporate: F-

update 7/28/09 $19.99/mo special brought me back again from ATT. have a steady 6megs with just a small stutter once or twice. works as promised

update 5/13/10 connection always on(rare exceptions). upgraded to 12 megs for free. thanks comcast !! speed now varies between 1 and 12 megs, when it was rock steady before at 6 megs, mostly pretty fast. have to give comcrap a pretty good grade for service right now. special pricing about to expire, and will go up to about 60/month(ouch)

update 6/6/13 only rare outages. 2 "free" speed upgrades have me up to 25Mbps down.
But paying 65/mo.

update 9/25/13 provisioned new DOCIS 3 modem(my own purchase, not comcast rented). no change on bill. forums are full of complaints of comcast adding modem rental charge to bill after any change in services made or any call by customer to tech support. Could not figure out how to provision myself, so i did call tech support. first bill ok, but holding my breath.

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