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Review by nokiatech See Profile

  • Location: Stuart,Martin,FL
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 11 days
Good "Fast speed, pretty reliable."
Bad "Dealing with any large company is a PITA"
Overall "Still the best option here"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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07/01/13 update: Recently purchased a home in PSL. Also a docsis 3 area. Other than the normal useless installation schedulers and grumpy "technicians" that are involved in transferring service it has been rock solid even during the stormiest of the wet weather we've had lately. I pay for "blast" which I believe to be 50/10 now. I consistently see more like 65/15 most of the time. Basically it's fast enough that I no longer even pay attention to speeds.


09/07/11 Update: We've been upgraded to Docsis 3. Speeds are rock solid and very fast. The only real downside is the price. 55 a month is hard to swallow when ATT sells 6 meg DSL for 14.95 a month with a combined bill. There really is no difference between the two in anything other than very large downloads which don't happen that often. Guess it's nice to have a choice.


01/22/10 Update: Not much has changed. Customer service is still a joke but thankfully the service has been realiable enough to not need them for anything other than the now normal billing goofs. We will be moving shortly but to another unit in the same complex here so don't really expect anything different.


06/19/09 Update- Still very few problems. Customer service is still by FAR the weakest area. I'm on the 8/2 profile now and consistently see 10/2 sustained speeds with powerboost into the 20/4 range. Gave ATT DSL a shot here just for giggles but we had line issues that I just wasn't interested in tackling when our cable modem works so well. Had 1 overnight outage that I know of in the last year. We use the internet for all of our TV needs to so services like hulu are constantly being streamed without issue.


10/13/08 Update - We haven't had a single service interruption at our new place even when a tropical storm dumped 2 feet of water all over the area. Speeds are consistently very fast. Can't really complain about anything. Haven't had to call once about the ISP side of the house. Cable TV is another story all together but this isn't the place.


Update- We've moved since the original review into a condo. We have 3 main options for broadband here and I stuck with comcast over the other 2. I had forgotten to call them before our move date so literally the night before they were able to schedule me for the day after. The installer was again a contractor who again simply needed to remove a trap. There was some type of issue with transferring my personally owned modem from the old account to the new account that he spent about an hour on hold for and no he didn't fall asleep.

Service is till lightning fast. I'm on the 6meg tier. Powerboost usually bumps into the 24mb range for the first 100mb or so. We were first activated with an oddball ip subnet for this area which spiked my latency. A few restarts later and we got the proper ip range and my latency recovered nicely.

Tech support is still pretty worthless. They didn't seem to even understand what a subnet was or the problem I was describing to them. They stop listening after they see you're online.

The service is priced the same as ATT DSL 6meg service but we get powerboost, higher sustained speeds and none of the dsl quirkiness. It was and is still the best option for internet access in this area for the home.


I live in an area that is well served by both DSL and cable. I've been told our DSL loop lengths are very short to a nearby remote terminal just to keep the comparison fair.

Both services have been very reliable here for the most part. Our DSL line went through a phase about 2 mos ago where any heavy rain would knock both it and our phone service out. I found out later that it wasn't just us this was happening to but that really didn't make me feel any better. The cable modem has it's minor outages here and there but they seem to be mostly in the middle of the day when I'm not there to see them anyway.

Comcast tech support is the standard "we 3 scripts" waste of time that most large companies offer. The field personnel seem pretty well versed though and will actually listen to the information you are providing. Our installer was a contractor who was 2 hours late. I had done most of the prework for him and just needed him to remove the trap at the pole. He seemed grateful to have an easy install at the end of the day and as such tried to get me online as fast as possible without the "I must install this CD" garbage you usually get.

Our area is powerboost enabled for both down and upstream. It's actually pretty handy as mosts things I download are less then 20MB and the powerboost feature makes those downloads really quick. I can also upload large attachments with email and such very quickly. I do not use their mail or dns services so I can't rate those. I have my own domain and hosted services and use opendns. I am using my own Motorola SB5100 which has served me well for several years and continues to happily chug along today.

The order process was painless online. I was able to choose from several days and time for the install. Got an email order confirmation almost immediately. I did get charged twice for the install but was promptly credited when I pointed out the mistake.

The price is fair. Both my wife and I have heavily discounted cellular plans and as such we have no real need for a landline phone. Maybe when my daughter is a little older When you take that cost out the cable modem is quite a bit cheaper then the comparable DSL service. Yes I know we *should* be paying about 60 bucks for the service without cable tv but the online ordering system happily excepted the order at the quoted 42.95 price. My bill is exactly 42.95 every month, no hidden fees. I don't know if there aren't any taxes or if they are included. We both do a lot of online gaming and such so 42.95 a month for a reliable and quick internet connection is a great value to us. I VPN into work occasionally and have no problems. Port 25 is not blocked for us.

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