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Review by Diaboyos See Profile

  • Location: united state
  • Cost: $75 per month
  • Install: about 14 days
Good "N/A"
Bad "Horrible tech support and customer service. Abysmal speeds offered for outrageous prices in their monopoly of my area."
Overall "If you're lucky enough not to live within a Comcast monopoly use someone else."
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I have decided to upload the Better Business Bureau report I filed against Comcast. It is a long read and yet another horror story against them.

To Whom It May Concern:

I called on the first week of March, 2007, and spoke to John in Tennessee to schedule an appointment to have Internet installed. John told me there would be no charge for the Internet installation, and I would only be charged for the installation for one additional outlet at $34.95. I was told no one could come until the 20th of March. I called on the 19th of March to confirm the appointment for the 20th and spoke to Kayla in Tennessee. She confirmed the appointment for the 20th between 1:00-3:00 P.M. I asked her the price of an additional outlet and after telling her I was quoted a price of $34.95 by John, she informed me that price was only if they had to make a separate trip and if done on the same trip would cost $18.95. She then confirmed it would be all I was expected to pay. On the 20th, Comcast did not show up and I tried calling three different times to find out where they were. Each time I called, I was transferred to the local branch and kept on hold for 45 minutes before finally hanging up. At 10:00 A.M. on March 21st, I went to the Comcast home office located on ****** Road to speak to someone personally. The woman behind the counter called Maxine, in the Service Department, and Maxine told her she would try to squeeze me in between the appointments they already had for that day rather than handle mine first, which was already a day late. Around 3:00 P.M. on the 21st, they had not arrived so I called Comcast again. They once again transferred me to the local branch and kept me on hold for 45 minutes before I finally hung up. At 5:00 P.M., I called back and spoke to Terrance in Tennessee and told him the local branch always kept me on hold so I would like him or his supervisor to find out what happened to the technician that was supposed to show up between 1:00-3:00. Terrance repeated my phone number back to me and said he would call me back when he found out where they were. He never called back.

On the 22nd of March, I again went to the local office, and the woman behind the counter called Maxine on the phone, and once again, Maxine said she would have someone out that day between 1:00-3:00. Again, no one showed up. I tried calling again but was kept on hold for 45 minutes before finally hanging up.

April 16, 2007

Page 2

On March 23rd, I went to the local office again, and this time I asked to speak to a supervisor and they sent out a man named Spencer. Spencer told me he would ensure someone would show up on the 24th between 1:00-3:00.

On the 24th of March, the technician showed up around 2:00. After about half an hour, he realized he didn�t have all the tools necessary to complete the job and wanted to leave to get some, but I was uncertain whether he would come back if he left, based on my experience so far, so I told him to call another technician to bring him what he needed. After about 40 minutes, the other technician showed up, and I went inside to finish some work. I came back out 30 minutes later and they were both in the yard talking and laughing and had done no work at all. When I came outside the other technician left and the original technician began working again. When he was done, he attempted to just leave without having tested the work he had done. He did not test the cable TV or the Internet. I turned the TV on to test the cable, and I only had 7 of the 13 channels I was supposed to have. After another half-hour of working with that, he finally got that working and then attempted to leave again before testing the Internet. He said the Internet would work because all the lights on the modem were on. I told him it would not work because he had not called in the Mac I.D. yet. I�ve done this enough times to know how it works. He said it was their modem and they already knew the Mac I.D. I informed him it was not their modem and that he had not brought one in from the van. The modem was already in my house. He then agreed and called the local office to give them my Mac I.D. I told him to tell the woman on the phone (Deidre? Shreveport) to put a note in my file that the modem was mine and not theirs. I have had to do this since purchasing my own modem so when the service is disconnected the ISP doesn�t try to claim it�s theirs and retrieve it. I found out later he did not. After half an hour of working with the Internet, they could not get the speeds to where they were supposed to be. It was obvious neither the technician nor the woman he called to give the Mac I.D. to knew what they were doing. I eventually got on the phone with her personally when the technician proved to be totally inept with using a computer. It worked fine with the 6Mb settings but when set up under the 8Mb settings the connection went dead. After the woman on the phone couldn�t figure out why she couldn�t get the speeds to where they were supposed to be, she said my computer must be broken - then she had the nerve to ask me what use I had with hi-speed Internet anyway. I explained that if it was my computer it wouldn�t have worked using the 6Mb settings either and told her why I wanted Comcast Internet was irrelevant and was none of her concern. I later found out that she was entering the wrong codes for the 8Mb settings, causing the connection to go dead. Deidre (?) told me to call 1-800-Comcast and ask them what the problem could be rather than looking into it herself. She then told me that she would ask her supervisor about the problem and call me back. She then got back on the phone with the technician, and after about ten minutes, I realized she had not asked me for my phone number. I got

April 16, 2007

Page 3

back on the phone with her and asked how she was planning on calling me back, and she said she was going to call me on my cell phone. I asked her what my number was, and

she said she forgot to get it from me. It was obvious she was not planning on calling me back. Regardless, I gave her my cell phone number, and she said she would call back. Of course, she did not. I told her to leave the settings on the 6Mb setup which worked until we knew why the 8Mb didn�t so I could at least have some use of the Internet. When the technician went out to his van, presumably to gather the paperwork, the modem reset and the Internet connection went dead again. I went outside to inform the technician it was not working, but he was gone. They were still on the phone when he went outside and I have no doubt that he told her he was gone and she changed the settings back to the 8Mb knowing it would kill my connection. After he left, I looked at the work he had done and realized he had not installed outlets. The wires were simply coming in from the outside of the house with no plate on the wall. Further, he left me no paperwork at all showing what work had been done or his name.

On the 26th of March, I returned to the Shreveport branch and told them I would like someone to come out to put plates on the walls for the wires. It was scheduled for April 3rd.

On March 27th, I called again and spoke with Dustin in Tennessee. Since I was dissatisfied with the technician�s work, I wanted to ensure that he did tell the woman he called the Mac I.D. into that the modem was mine. Dustin looked up my account and said there was a $3.00 rental charge being applied, which meant they did not mark the modem as being owned by me. After learning this, I looked back on past bills since Comcast took over Time Warner and discovered ever since they took over, I�ve been charged a $3.00 rental fee on the modem I own.

I asked Dustin what all was going to be on my bill, and he told me there was no Internet installation fee - there was only the $18.95 for the installation of an additional outlet, but since no outlets were actually installed, and having to schedule another appointment to fix what should have been done in the first place, he removed that charge as well. He assured me the only amount that would be on my bill would be the regular cable fees of $15.66 and Internet fees of half price for the first three months at $26.48 plus taxes and surcharges.

Dustin told me he would try to get my modem issue resolved and to give him a few days to see what he could find out. He hasn�t called me back.

On April 2nd, I received my cable bill, and they charged me $53.90 to install an additional outlet, which should not have been on the bill at all. I am continuing to be charged $3.00 for the modem rental fee, and I was charged full price when it was supposed to be half price for the first three months for the Internet beginning in April.

April 16, 2007

Page 4

I called Comcast again during the first week of April to ask about the charges on my bill and spoke to Debra in Tennessee. She could not explain why charges of $53.90 were added for the installation of one additional outlet, when it was only supposed to be $18.95. After explaining the situation regarding the $18.95 charge for the additional outlet being removed due to having to schedule a separate appointment to repair it Debra removed the entire charge of $53.90 from my bill.

I asked her about the $3.00 modem rental fee and told her that Dustin had already sent in a request for confirmation on the 27th of March. She looked and could find no work order entry regarding my modem, so she entered another one. She did tell me that she had received several calls from people with the same problem, and told me that when Comcast took over in Shreveport many people using modems they owned were being charged the modem rental fees.

I asked her about the charge for the Internet not being half-price as I was told it would be for the first three months. She informed me that only the 6Mb line has the three month half-price offer, not the 8Mb line. When talking to all of the different people that I talked to, before and during the installation, they all confirmed it would be half-price for the first three months, and made no distinction between the two services.

I would like Comcast to immediately remove the $3.00/month modem rental fee and reimburse me for each month they have charged that to my bill since taking over for Time Warner. It shouldn�t be difficult at all to confirm the modem is not theirs. I had my Comcast Internet service disconnected from my previous address on March 19th. If the modem was a rental it would have been retrieved then or the service wouldn�t have been disconnected. Besides that, it shouldn�t be difficult to go over the database of modems in their possession ready for distribution on the 23rd of March, the day before I had my new service set up. If the modem belongs to Comcast then they would have had it in their possession the day before I had my new Internet installed. I know the modem is not theirs because I purchased the modem through Time Warner several years ago and have used it in many different locations since then.

Also, at the very minimum, I would like Comcast to honor what I was told by several of their employees, and only charge me half-price for the first three months of Internet service. April was the first month that was supposed to be half-priced at $26.48 yet I was charged the full-price of $52.95. Either a reimbursement for the overage charged to the month of April and half-price for May and June or no reimbursement for April and half-price for the months of May, June and July will suffice.

April 16, 2007

Page 5


******* **********

END of BBB report.

Here are the two photos I took with my cell phone of the wires the technician ran into the house. He installed no outlets, he merely drilled a hole through the wall and ran the wire through it.

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