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Review by SeattleAD See Profile

  • Location: Maple Valley,King,WA
  • Cost: $211 per month
Good "I am not thrilled with comcast/never have been - we have triple play but they keep going up and up on the price."
Bad "connectivity, speed - we are the first area to lose it"
Overall "I don't like that I really have no choice except Qwest which is no choice actually"
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Value for money:
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We had to switch to Comcast when we moved because there were too many trees for a dish. Out here we really don't get any speed / changed from tier 12 to 20 but there is no difference in speed at all. We have the triple play with phone/TV and internet but don't care for the price always rising with no real up tick in service or speed.

My wife works from home on the computer and I work from home one day a week. We lose connection at least once a day if not twice while we are trying to work.

We DEFINITELY need more competition for service. Outside of this country speeds are 10 times as fast and we think we live in a country with choices - NOT.

I hate to call Comcast for anything - if a tech has to come out, they are so arrogant and everything you called them for is YOUR fault.

Maple Valley, Washington

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Maple Valley, WA


We use their modem now and are still disconnected on a regular basis daily.

Portland, OR

Connection problems.

Do you have a router? Was it supplied by Comcast? Do you use only wireless? Have you tried with one machine direct to the modem with wireless disabled?

I work for a small rural ISP, and unfortunately 90% of the time, the problems ISP's run into are either Inside Wiring, or customer equipment.

I do realize there are some techs who dont know what they're doing. But the more troubleshooting you do on your own, the more ammo you have to hit them with.


Maple Valley, WA

Re: Connection problems.

Yes, I have a router - we run multiple computers in our home. No they are not all wireless. It's the stupid Comcast connection. Our computers are still connected to each other even though there is no internet. Quite a few people out here in my neighborhood have these same connections issues. Comcast could care less - they have their money who cares about the actual service they provide.

The techs are so bloody arrogant you don't want to deal with them. If I EVER get another option for any of the services I get from Comcast, I am bailing.