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Review by WeenieBoy See Profile

  • Location: Pasadena,Anne Arundel,MD
  • Cost: $149 per month
Good "Service was excellent for all but about 4 weeks for the most part"
Bad "Sales staff uses creative and misleading tactics CUSTOMER SERVICE is hit or miss mostly miss"
Overall "If Comcast would treat customers like non customers no one would leave"
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I have been with comcast for about 5 years. I have been happy with service for the most part except for about a 4 week span of picture pixelized picture and poor sound quality. Now for Why I am changing.

As you see I pay ALOT and after years under there digital plan I bought a HD TV. After talking to the sales guy about upgrading I choose the 6.00 a month addition for HD. When I received my BILL

I have a 6.00 fee for HD 6.00 fee to rent the HD box and 7.95 fee for digital box AND change of service fees. I had NO rental FEES with the previous plan. The ONLY fee told to me was 6.00 PERIOD. After calling to complain discovered I could get the same plan with the DVR and ADD Phone for 15.00 LESS. Well I decided to drop the movies and try the Triple play combo. No I cannot get that only NEW customers get that. As a matter of fact to add the phone as told before I have to pay a 30.00 fee to try it. I asked the sales person why do they screw me for me being a customer and was told that was they way it is. Well Off to Millennium. For me to goto them I paid 1/2 of the comcast price for the SAME package. Their REGULAR price is 1/3 less. I would have never left had they just charged me 6.00 more for HD like they said instead of 21.00 plus change of service punishment fees. Comcast say what you mean and mean what you say. So I will save my first year 900.00 and 396 a year there after for the SAME plan. Thanks for being greedy Comcast I would have never known the savings

The night I wrote this review a comcast representative contacted to see if he could help. That I find is impressive that they read these reviews !. But after talking to 2 reps over the phone and being told there is nothing they could do it was to late. I already had Millennium installing that morning. When I called to cancel service funny that operator could have given me the Triple play at the 99 price to. Comcast needs to get their people on the same page. FYI Millennium Gave me EVERYTHING ALL MOVIES for that price... EVEN on analog I have 3 movie channels and far more channels under 100 than Comcast on analog. But their internet is no where near as good as Comcast in my opinion. But at 1/2 price I am happy.

Comcast is still attempting to charge me after I left. What is even more amazing is SALES knows I terminated service but BILLING has no record of it. Ask for a manager in Billing NONE AVAILABLE. These Guys really need to get a clue. Talk to SALES and ask to be transfered back to billing "can't do that" Ask if they can inform BIlling of termination and date of termination "can't do that". I guess having a monopoly in most areas gives them the attitude of morons. But comcast remember this ATT was a monopoly and where are they today. Your time is coming.

As to my internet comment I have read that comcast only boosts speed for the first 20 meg then they ramp it down. to the standard 6mps range which is really only 1.2. SpeedBoost is only a ploy to trick the download benchmark sites.(granted most request are short and yes I admit there are advantages)


Again After posting my update on the billing I was contacted by Comcast and offered help. A third call finally resolved the issue so the gentleman from Comcast who emailed help was not needed. It seems Customer Service is hit or miss.When you get someone who understands their job things get done. It is the bad reps who really fire up people (at least me) with their uncaring uncooperative attitudes that set people (me) off. I will in fact get a refund. At least they tell me they will send an updated final statement indicating that.

Well I switch to Broadstripe for about 4 months 1/2 cost of comcast. Had issues

with both internet and finally TV. Now I am with Verizon FIOS. Picture quality is much better than comcast or broadstripe but only on HD, non HD is same with them all. FIOS has one feature that neither cable company had. you get 5 digital boxes capable of getting all channels but HD. FREE. Both comcast and broadstripe charge for that.

This make FIOS even cheaper.

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