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Six Month Rating

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Review by odog See Profile

  • Location: Atlanta,Dekalb,GA
  • Cost: $45 per month (12 month contract)
Good "50/5 with quad tuner multiroom DVR"
Bad "multi day outages, inept techs, and bad service"
Overall "it works great, but when it stops... good luck getting them to fix it"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update 6/14

Upgraded to the X1 platform. They tried to force me to get voice and rent a eMTA. It was a pain in the but to get the bill right, and just have TV/internet. After all the drama with that the service has worked great.

Update 12/20/11

I'm now paying more than ever for internet/TV. The service is pretty good, but I am still tempted by Uverse. Too bad Uverse has such slow internet service.

I haven't had to deal with them much, did have a short outage a few months ago but they gave me credit so I'm not too upset.

Update 6/9/11

I've now got both bonded DS and bonded US carriers, way to go Comcast. Service has been very reliable so far only one non maintenance window outage. TV service still working well, and multi room DVR is handy

Update 9/8/2010

Moved across town and wen through the same pain that is interacting with Comcast. I did a transfer of service and after moving none of the equipment worked. I called and found out that they never moved the equipment to my new account. After they fixed that my DVR and internet started to work. Unfortunately the DTAs would not work. I called three times finally getting an obnoxious girl who claimed that both of my DTAs were "broken". I decided to give up and just replace them, knowing there was nothing wrong with them. I went and got another and it worked fine after being provisioned.

Later that week I had multiroom DVR installed. I got new DCX3400m, and 3200m boxes and the service works great. The price isn't that much better than two DVRs but is cool and worth it to me.

The tech they sent this time was actually very good. Definitely knew what he was talking about and was quite professional.

Update 12/29/09

Had to deal with the behemoth that is the Comcast again. A neighbor of mine had cable installed and the tech disconnected two of my three cable outlets to hook them up. I had to fight with the CSR on the phone, get to a supervisor and go into the lockbox to determine that this was the cause. I gave them a chance to get a tech back out there to make the repair. The first supervisor lied and never called back, after saying he was going to try get a tech out. This supervisor actually left immediately after talking to me and never even attempted to get a tech out to me. I called back and obviously annoyed threatened to disconnect the new subscriber if they could not get me an appointment. They wanted to me to wait for three days for a tech to come out, which wasn't acceptable. After getting the supervisor to give me a next day appointment I made the cable work without disconnecting any other subscribers.

Dropped the tech support and services down to one and upped the value and connection up to four.

Update 6/25/09

Had a pretty horrible experience with disconnecting my cable even after I had canceled it.(May 6th) After the debacle with Comcast in April I was going to just use an ATSC antennas for TV and DSL. I unfortunately discovered that the only DSL I could get was 1.5/256, so I canceled the disconnect. Too bad they decided to it anyway. That next day I turned myself back on, rather than wait two days to get a tech out to do it. Later that day they had another outage. After the outage was resolved my service was still out. I ended up having to go back into the lockbox, and replace the splitters in there to get everything up and working. Since then it has been pretty good besides a 3 hour outage the other night.

Update 4/15/09

I just had to suffer through a 2 day outage that ended up being a one minute fix. The power blipped on Monday morning during a storm and the cable/internet went out. I called when I got to work and figured they'd have it fixed before I got home. It was early in the day, and the entire node was out, giving them plenty of time to fix it. FYI my apartment complex has its own node, and I'm one active away from it. I came home late Monday night, still no cable. I called again, CSR old me that someone had been dispatched at 12:31AM but they hadn't heard back from him. It was about 12:50AM so I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought they'd have it back on before I woke up. I couldn't be more wrong. I woke up Tuesday, still no cable or internet. Called again during the day Tuesday still no ETA for the fix. I had been monitoring my connection from work and it was still down when I left work. When I got to my complex the Comcast truck was trying to get past the gate. I let him in, and explained that it's probably the LPI as the cable went out from and electrical surge. I told him exactly where the node was, and pointed out the LPI. He opened the LPI housing and replaced the fuse, viola we had cable again. Two days of waiting for a one minute fix. The guy commented that he would have come sooner if he had known it was such and easy fix.... thanks buddy... If it happens again, I'm replacing the fuse myself.

Update 12/21/08

I dropped HBO after the promotion ended bill was to high with all those extra goodies. I am however very happy with the internet service which is now 12/2 with powerboost to nearly 30Mbps.

I tried to deal with Comcast by calling the 800 number and hit a brick wall.... unreasonable charges for installation, long dates out for the installation etc etc etc.

Luckily the apartment community I live in has a contractor that works there very often. I was able to call and schedule the appointment with Comcast, then give him my account and work order numbers. He took it from there and got me hooked up.

So far the internet service is doing ok, ~6-10Mbps not the best for a powerboosted market but better than nothing.

Video is nice, doesn't look too badly compressed and I get plenty of channels.

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