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Review by baineschile See Profile

  • Location: Oak Park,Oakland,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "Solid speeds, Beautiful HD picture"
Bad "Spotty DVR recording"
Overall "Overall a great product"
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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I used to have ATT DSL 3/384, and about a year ago, switched to Comcast 8/768. I always got consistent DL/UL speeds, except when they were "working on the node". I always thought it was a little pricey, but even with UVerse in the area, its tough to compete (UVerse requires bundling for most products).

In a nice gesture, Comcast just upgraded my tier to 16/2 for no charge, and with powerboost, i am seeing upwards 25/3. It has helped with torrent downloading, and I see significantly less lag on Xbox Live

I have head all the horror stories about bad technicians, lousy tech support, etc, but in my case, I havent seen any of that. I called to get the service, a tech was here in the time they gave me, he set up and got past the walled garden, and I was off. The few times I have been offline, it has generally been because of storms that have knocked down the lines in my area; but everything has been fixed, usually within 24 hours. Here is a current test


Update, 8/1/08:

Still going strong. Here is an updated test


Update: 10/8/08

Service still running strong. Seeing a DRAMATIC increase in download speed.


43/2.5 Not bad.
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------
Update 5/27/09

Internet is still going strong. I havent had an outage since my last review, and my speeds have stayed consistent.

Here is an updated test:


I did receive a letter though in the mail saying they were updating my area to an "all digital" tv format, which kinda irked me a bit, since I thought it was going to be more costly..

The good news was that they are shipping me 2 free converter boxes free of charge for my two televisions that were just hooked up with basic cable. It was also indicated to me that they were going to add 50+ HD channels, which really pumps me up.

The TV service has been fine, but I do not have the tele-service, so i cannot review that..
Update 7/21/2010

Nothing really to say about the internet, its been rock solid. Still havent bundled the phone service in, as I am strictly a cell user now (got rid of Magic Jack, see my other reviews). On the 16/2, and seeing speeds of 20/3 consistantly. Constant uptime, no outages in over a year, and generally good pings and low latency to the game servers I use. I am aware that Docsis 3 upgrades are finishing up in Michigan, and will probably upgrade to the 22/5 before years end. My positive experience may be due to the fact that my area has 4 legitimate ISPs that offer at least 3mb, or that I just happened to get the luck of the draw, and dont live in an overloaded node.

My recent gripe would have to be with the TV service DVR. The guide was updated, and has become a little less user friendly, and is taking some getting used to.

Update 2/15/11

Things are going perfectly. I upgraded the network a little bit, buying an SB6120. Downloads are still consistent (20-24) but the uploads have increased dramatically. I used to see 2.5 tops, now I am seeing upwards of 6. I am still in a non-docsis 3 area, but I imagine the upgrades are coming soon, as a friend of mine a town away was just upgraded two months ago. Sharperprobe has me shaped at 16/2, which is what I am getting on longer downloads. Minecraft online is running great.

The call to tech support to provision my modem took 5 minutes, and that was the first call I had made in over a year. Kudos on that.

In other news, I replaced the DVR box. The first one worked alright, but the IR receptor on it was horrible. The new one works great, with the extender.

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