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  • Location: Oakland,Alameda,CA
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good "speed"
Bad "laughably bad tech support"
Overall "fairly happy"
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May 2013

I spent six hours with Comcast tech support trying to find someone who could properly provision a new Motorola SB6121. It took four different "Internet Specialists" to finally get it working.
Each one claimed that everything was working fine even though after the first three there was a different combination of wrong "Send" "Receive" and "online" lights and no connectivity.

The first three so called techs clearly had NO understanding of the technology.

They kept either saying I would need a tech visit four days later or that if I bought Signature Support it would be fixed. They also cut me off so I had to endure additional 45 minute wait times calling back.

Signature Support can't address internet Connectivity so that was a lie and another 45 minute wait. Finally the fourth tech, a young lady in the Indian call Center was great. She actually understood the technology and got everything reset and properly provisioned in 10 minutes.

Over the last few months I have been getting a reliable 21/7

I just was automatically upgraded from the 8/1 product to the new 16/2 product.

With the old product I was consistently getting about 5/1 or better. Over the last two weeks I've usually gotten above 11/3. however at some points, and not necessarily at what would be expected to be peak time, I do get slowdowns back down to about 5/1.

The only real alternative I have at my location is very slow DSL so the Comcast alternative is approximately 10 times faster than what can be provisioned by ATT.

tech support has actually been better than expected, I had an intermittent problem which turned out to be decayed coax outside the house. They were able to detect and pulled new cable from the box.

11/3 is still the usual. Upload speeds are more consistent. At peak TV times the speed drops to about 5/1.

Fairly consistent 11/3 but at peak times it regularly spikes down intermittently to drops to 5/2 or 5/3. Since I use this line for my consulting business there really isn't any practical impact to me but it's still annoying.

Updated Sept 13th 2008
It has been six months since the new cable pull and there have been no outages. About a month ago I called about the slow downs and the same tech that replaced the cable came out. I had a good relationship with him and he said he would see what he could do. I have no idea what happened but my slow downs are far less frequent and not as slow. 10/3 is pretty typical and slowdowns are rarely below 8/3 using the closest test site and the Java Speed tests.

We have been having problems with email between our pacbell.net and Comcast ISP as noted in the forums.

Updated 10/19/2008

Had a weekend with a few intermittent outages. Always came back by rebooting the modem (not my router). Fewer peak slowdowns and consistent 11/3 paying residential 16/2.

Have been having short duration drops every other day for a week. Time to call tech support. Upload speed over 4

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