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Review by pandora See Profile

  • Location: Danbury,Fairfield,CT
  • Cost: $60 per month
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Very fast and reliable cable service"
Bad "Customer service could use some improvement"
Overall "It is a good value for the money"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
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Value for money:
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Update 5: Comcast is still charging me $60 per month, without any service issues. My speeds are now over 20 MB down and about 2 MB up. An update is required every 180 days to keep my review current.

Update 4: It's been a year since my last review. Comcast continues to provide fantastic internet service ant a very good price. My speed has increased several times over the years but not my bill. Kudos Comcast business.

Update 3: Comcast has gone all DOSCIS 3 in my area. My service from Comcast is still outstanding and I remain a very satisfied customer. Note this is a review of Comcast Business, but it's used at my residence.

Update 2: Comcast is still great. I now run 5 VOIP lines, we play a lot of MMO's, and stream a lot of Netflix all without issue. The price hasn't gone up, but the speed has more than doubled.

Update 1: I switched from Comcast residential to starter business, and am still very happy with the service. It's been about 2 years now and Comcast has provided great internet service at a fair price.

I've read bad things about Comcast customer support. With more than a year into my Comcast HSI service, there hasn't really been a significant unresolved problem. Comcast recently opened the Comcast Direct forum in dslreports. This has been helpful to me. It identified what I thought was a Comcast problem to be a router configuration issue (it was my fault, NOT Comcast's).

Comcast has provided what it promised. A clean, fast, stable Internet access at 6mb down with 1mb up and a 250GB monthly data transfer cap for the introductory price of $45. I provided my own cable modem. The cost has now gone up to $65 which includes basic cable.

Installation was within a week of my requesting service, the technician came out 1 hour late, but did call to let me know he was running late before the time window was up. Installation was quick and easy, we used my own cable modem, and there was no need to install any software on any PC. We just connected my router to the cable modem, switched it from DSL PPPoE to cable DHCP and it was off and running on Comcast HSI.

Speed boost is nice, and we seem to have decent ping times to most places. I'm still new to this service, but am very satisfied to this point.

I switched over from AT&T DSL as AT&T was unable to provide me with a connection faster than 1.5 mb down and 384 kb up. My needs changed over the years, but AT&T didn't offer any improvement.

Comcast does provide a free copy of McAfee internet security, which seems nice, but after trying it out, I've decided to stick with Norton Internet Security.

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Grass Valley, CA

Move me to your location

I pay 120 for the combo pack. Took it down to 58 channels and still at 80. My comcast sucks compared to AT&T's internet. Every day ill be in the middle of some deep research and have 5 websites up and crash. Then I get the dead computer freak face from google with the cross bones telling me oops Do you want recovery page. OMG its the worst. However they constant guard is good and customer service it not their fault I know but what the heckl.