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  • Location: North Little Rock,Pulaski,AR
  • Cost: $198 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 6 days
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·AT&T U-Verse
I was the twelfth person to get the original AT&T broadband package in LR, maintained a 56k Aristotle account. Then also added Comcast cable about two years later. At that time Cable was a bit of a mess, with upload streams crashing out the net at 118. Lag was also major factor.

Finally moved from both and was for the longest on SDSL 760/760 with a minor overhead lose through Aristotle. New Edge/EarthLink ate the Golden Goose, originally $85.00, then $65.00 so now I'm back on Comcast as Aristotle SDSL is dead.

Comcast has apparently changed considerably over the years, for the better, in terms of the internet @ least. Customer Service is in the toilet and apparently from the complaints I have seen the stock holders as yet have not held Comcast to the fire on the problem, so apparently until then there won't be an improvement. Walk in store front is an abysmal experience, three people in line, two paid bills and one returned equipment, after the rep managed to move herself into life and it was my turn 3/4 hr had passed (Any normal place that would be around a fifteen minute wait max.). All I was doing was returning an extra modem, the first was DOA. But, that was over time my fourth visit to the NLR Main Street location which had repeated the same complete air of indifference on each occasion.

The installers were (?)Nex *Shrug* -Didn't pay enough attention, seems contracted out, but both the fellas knew exactly what their job was and did it well; needed RG-6 installed, rather than the RG-59 that was present. Kudos.

My time line is slightly off because I was not in a hurry, had the first modem worked I would have been up in TWO DAYS. But, nothing related to networking and PC's run that smooth.

Overall the actual internet service is, at least for me, compared to what I had is a lot cheaper, I notice a significant download improvement, can't say the upload has shown any indication that from my prior service, has made any difference at all.

I'm not posting speeds, it's relative to what is used and where you go and what software is utilized. Suffice to say that as a rough gauge 10000/1800. 56msec. Having some wireless issues, but that's more than likely the *New* LinksysGL router, or me.

Overall I'm pretty content; I just hope Comcast is capable of supporting their service. From what I see in the field and this is a simple observation/opinion, Comcast might want to INVEST money in their people and EXPECT their people to deliver both quality and timeliness; Comcast could get a more profitable result. My Daughter at another location gave up because of the inept people working for Comcast, Comcast must lose many potential customers to idiots that show up to install service and state "I don't know anything about the internet". No hardware with them either, or at least that they are aware of, like a modem........

It's a smooth ride so far and as I don't do P2P or normally stream videos, I'm sure normal usage will keep me out of trouble. I expect fast internet and at least 10G a month usage per PC/Laptop =40G. No, I don't binge the trough for 250-300G like some expect on a residential line, nor do I expect Comcast to pay me to do so FTTP won't use a *Sniff*.

Update 10/05/08

Been down longer on cable due to weather in 3 months than 7 years on SDSL, but I can accept that. What I'm having a very hard time swallowing is a bill for $103.24 when I'm on the 'Special' for internet @ $20.00. Basic cable is required and the price is gouging for a few watchable channels and spam. Considering AT&T and dropping a TV service entirely. I do watch movies; have no need for an overpriced, under developed basic TV experience for the consumer. I do MISS Satellite, but can't have it due to trees. I would rather do without than get gouged on an inferior service.

With the current trend in respect to the economy, Comcast might want to reconsider their position for future longevity and stock holders. Offering something works, offering something for your next born AND grandchild; does not. Either deliver worthwhile content and Or/cost, or meet your end. It's happened before, stock holders @ this moment in time reflect on possible service failures; this is one. You can't gouge and keep a compliant portfolio, what happens is you will be lumped in with the "Takers"~that’s not a viable option, once again for stock holders. Comcast, you are out pricing your product and in the end with tough times ahead, expensive services and BS charges, will be the very first thing to go in most households. I can guarantee Comcast pays around $23.00..Costs, for the exacerbated profit of $60+ per individual home service per month.

Comcast wake up, get out of bed.

Update, May, 2007.

Fixed a leased RCA modem, finally bit the dust. As always I pick up hardware from the 'Shop' -Never had anything work yet, first time. Problem a couple of weeks ago, the modem. Picked up one from the 'Shop' -Didn't work, the only way i know to get a working hardware item is a tech scheduled delivery.; happened, though he was as smart as a brick, regards IT. Anyway after getting my account acknowledged again I'm up and running.

No problem with Comcast internet connect, just everything else. Still, it's pretty cheap if you can trouble shoot your own problems. I like it.

Upgraded 01/05/2010. 22/6. Painless provision Cisco modem, I was not actually sure what the upgrade was and asked "22 or do you want 50" I said "What is the upstream "I don't know." Anyway long story short I decided I would find out at home. 32.87 / 7.09 and 26msec. Pretty awesome I think. I'm sure its a local problem but Comcast needs to hire people at least with sufficient interest that they know whats being sold!

Upgraded to Ultra, apparently. Since March 2010 and now August, 2010, no issues, comfortable with the price for internet and relative experience. 40.64mbs / 4.52mbs, this does equal the experience of a 1G/1G SDSL line. Comcast now has it right, with this area more stable and reduced downtimes. Have changed the ratios to reflect current service.


[Oct 16th,2012]

Residential failed for six days, was up for one day and ordered business class 50/10 in order to avoid future issues. Slow to get off the ground as service was not available until Oct 16th, I think perhaps Comcast is getting bogged with size, as in anything too large that is encumbered with extended wait times. Comcast did come through though, I rely on a solid internet connection, and most of what I do is on line 98% of the time these days; VPN, research and all financial business. -Internet service is not a toy-unemployed torrent for me, and I'm willing to pay for the services I get.



[ Feb 18th, 2013. ]

Finally gave up after the original setup in Oct, would not stay up for more than a few days at a time and would finally crash out with no upstream bandwidth. I had hoped by converting from residential to business I would get any issues resolved.

After months and high fees, it became evident that the area will not support high speed DOC 3. Far too much noise on the line. The mainline from the pole back to the NOD simply won't handle high speed and it's become self-evident Comcast has no plans to upgrade the line. Tech's initially got the blame, indirectly from Comcast; I know at least two Techs that entered tickets for a line assessment. Calling every other day to once a week for four months only garnered "Yes, I see the problem" when calling tech support and that's pretty much where it died on the vine.

It was the single worst service experience of my life and I'm not done even yet as Comcast has made it almost impossible to return their router/modem and judging by my account, trying to squeeze the last month fee out of me on an account that I closed on Jan 30th and Comcast accepted on Feb 2nd and would have been billed on Feb 7th for the next month. Comcast is still looking for the future months use payment (Feb 18th). Of course Comcast was nice enough to waive the early termination fee for lack of service.

WARNING! Unless there is a specific need for a tax deduction, static IP or unlimited use (No caps) -DO NOT get business class service. Those three are the only real and tangible differences from residential to business; except you will pay four times as much for the paper change in service.

Be warned that those people looking for the magic speed upgrade that Comcast appears to have coming, may actually force a large number of customers into the "High speed" realm of NO SERVICE! --Just be aware that that is possible.

Have switched to U-Verse to get an internet service, with AT&T, I'm at maximum distance, but after the shaky start AT&T had with a software glish that interrupted many users, it's been CONSISTANTLY up, no downtime and I'm not noticing a lot of difference when browsing, there is an obvious delay with downloads from Comcast’s 22/6 (I won't even factor in the 50/10 business class from Comcast,) AT $40.00 a month it's a very cheap business class service.

It's really too early to start a review on AT&T as yet, reliability is the basic standard for doing a review, for me.

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·AT&T U-Verse

I'll change this if appropriate

Oct 4th, residential service down for 291 customers. Oct 9th one day after service return, changed to a business line. The tech arrived and called another to provide the business modem, another to redo drop loop. Service has been very erratic; tech returned and provided a new modem as the last used one was toast. Have had four further interruptions of service on the business line.

The idea of a four hour response was blown away as Comcast thinks the signed contract means seventy two hours and that's to 'Listen' to your service issue, not fix it.

I'm not a heavy user, nor the other game player in the house and average 56G for myself and the remainder by the other person to 270G. There is no advantage as I was falsely under the impression that a business account would use a separate node --Residential and business runs the same, the only difference for a $100.00 residential service and a $200.00 business service is what should have been a four hour response and fix. Three serious service interruptions just yesterday, this might be the first day of uninterrupted service(?) I do need a reliable line for VPN, not just three or four hours a day.

$200.00 a month is a signiicant chunk of money, service should be spotless for that.
Mary Esther, FL

Re: I'll change this if appropriate

Write a complaint. »www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov/ this DOES work - also report comcast to your local city. I would also fight to get out of the contract. Business class is just one way of getting more money. Same cable lines as residential..

·AT&T U-Verse

1 edit

Re: I'll change this if appropriate

Well, business class -I rebooted the modem no effect, had a refresh sent, no effect. 4:0PM -It's now 8:41 after calling tech support at 4:20PM, no call back, marginal connection.

Let me start from the beginning.
Way back in the beginning I started out with computer technology -1983. I have seen a lot of changes and the single constant that I have maintained is because I use the internet, more than 80% of what I do on a PC, I have always been very clear I"m happy to pay and have a history of doing so far more than the average consumer; until now.

It's an edit and will follow up in three months, seems to have been a problem in basic communication, the Tech should have brought a lot more than a modem, like some paperwork! -It seems most of the issue is resolved after actually registering, I was told to wait for paper work in the mail; not one sole felt it an important enough issue to mention. Oh, well.

3 months and we will see, finally up.


Cable quality requires maintenance (and common sense)

Tell me about it. I have worked for Kabletown (read between the lines there) for 5 years. The Signal-to-Noise Ratios (or SNR) are KEY. Over the years my DownStream SNR has usually been fine [I can connect to others hosting games]. DS SNR can be seen on most modems by going to However UpStream SNR can only be seen from the back offices, and most folks that work there don't know to check it. This signal affects hosting, file uploads, etc. Experienced Technicians (level 4+ with many years experience) know to look for this but rarely think about it. I had to keep on top of my local mainline crew for a year-and-a-half before it was fixed well enough. I can finally host Xbox games & my file uploads don't fail as much anymore.

*If you think customers get treated badly =try working there. I just recently left the company because I couldn't take being constantly reactive and rarely proactive. I was an in-house tech for 3 years and then moved into "tech support for the techs" the Day Of Job department. It is amazing that Kabletown has so much technology and potential but lets their red-tape prevent them from making great strides. In the meantime; full departments are staffed with solving problems that could be prevented with proper software testing and better training. Spending dollars to save pennies never makes sense.

I tried (with some success) to improve the level of service a major part of the East Coast.
In the end management got tired of me holding them accountable from a subordinate position and we parted ways.