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Review by psiu See Profile

  • Location: Plymouth,Wayne,MI
  • Cost: $50 per month
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Rock solid connection"
Bad "They don't like it if you don't bundle."
Overall "We have no alternatives."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Value for money:
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My Other Reviews

·AT&T U-Verse
Got Comcast when AT&T screwed the pooch royally when we moved. Out the next day after calling, on time, got no deal on service or install, non bundled so we pay through the nose for lower speeds.

What we are stuck with though.

Update: 2009 6/16

Been a stable connection for a year. Got a discount this winter for adding the super basic (like 20 channels) to our bill, even after a year it will be cheaper. And the speed got a minor bump up. Not the fastest, and some noticeable congestion around peak times but better than AT&T's offering here. No satellite available and no alternative cable co.

Have a Motorola Surfboard (5120 I think).

Update: 2010 4/13

Still stable, been upgrade to 16/2. Price is up around 62/month with the limited basic.

No competition in here, the other local cable co (WOW) isn't in our complex and AT&T still doesn't offer anything more than crap. Could be worse, hopefully they start upping the monthly cap from 250GB to keep up with the speeds.

Update: 2012 9/26

Still stable, eventually went to our own SB6120, price was still up around 73/month with limited basic. Called to downgrade and they took $10 off for now, so back to $62 for now. Will be moving next year and at that time will be going to the $49.95 6/1 plan at the new place. Speed is somewhere around 20/4 I think.

Update: 2014 4/24

We moved and ended up with service in alternate spouse name as a new account. Got a good promo (internet only, Performance tier, $30/12 months, $50/6 months, then regular price). We will be discontinuing service within a few days however as we purchased a house in non-Comcast territory. Speeds are somewhere around 25/5 I think, but I have seen long sustained 30 Mbps downloads as well, so who knows.

For as much grief as they get, man, I can only hope they buy the cable co in our new city and bring them up to a modern level of performance and pricing. Our options are terrible to the point we will be using unlimited tethering off my cell phone until we decide we need something more. Ugh.

Update: 2014 7/08

We moved, got our check from them as they owed us. No problems cancelling, new service in new city is not as fast nor as cheap. Le sigh :P

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Comcast Service Appointments

I made a service appointment with this company only to have them enter the appointment incorrectly. After five phone calls they still stick to a time I have committed elsewhere. The last time I called the representative disconnected - still insisting the incorrect date and time. Television is not worth the aggrivation from Comcast. I will get my news from the internet from now on - plus I will save the monthly fee. On Monday they get the cable boxes returned to their office. I had ticket numbers associated with their commitments - but after spending a couple of hours dedicated to wait time and phone time it is time for them to leave my home. And to think they charge the public.