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Review by boontonflyer See Profile

  • Location: Ringoes,Hunterdon,NJ
  • Cost: $264 per month
Good "CATV,Phone & HiSpd Intnt (~~ 30Mbps down (burst) ~~ 15Mbps steady state, , ~ 6 Mbps up), continuity of service"
Bad "Service very good for last couple of years Recent"
Overall " Good services [CATV,HS Internet & Digital Phone]. No outages/interruptions of service last couple of years."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Were no other viable options in this area (Ringoes) seven years ago when we started with them (was originally one way cable/phone line upload).

Generally good service. ISP was Patriot Media (until Comcast bought them out ~~ several years ago). Some disconnects (channels offered etc.) during transition. Some channels we liked went away on existing packages but these or others have been added back so it is almost a wash. Service/ connection reliability (for all three offerings) has been very good. Services are almost transparent in that respect.

No applicable comments about order & install since that was ~~ five years ago (under Patriot media).

Have been using Arris TMS-402' EMTA's since phone was added ~~ 5yrs ago. No problem with these.

Needed all business day connection reliability (two people in house worked from home). Five years ago installed Sprint(now Embarq) DSL as back-up to cable. Removed DSL backup two years ago. Connection reliability has been relatively flawless. Several hardware type problems with DVR type set top TV boxes but these were resolved with "swap-outs" of DVR units.

Had a terrible month long fiasco when we switched from individual DVR STB's to AnyRoom DVR system. Comcast managed to screw up the working individual STB setup when they installed the "AnyRoom DVR" service. Took a very frustrating month to get it working correctly. Has been fine for three months now. Overall reliability /providing of triple play services has continued to be very good. Once in a great while will had some "On Demand "short term problems. These have been alleviated by Comcast installing a 15 db amplifier in the outside cable box and splitter balancing the eight "coax home runs " into the house.

This is an "extended family" household and has a lot of equipment (5 STB/DVR boxes), two telephone lines and Hi Speed Internet. Current cost is ~~ $300/mo. with all of the services and options. $200 of bill is TV services (6 TV's) ,Internet is ~~$45 and Phone is ~~ $70. This gets pricey but is primarily due to # of TV/options.

A few months ago (after some "On Demand" issues had a tech in to check system.
Ended up putting in a 15 db amplifier outside of the house and "rebalancing" the splitter drops in the outside cable box. System has been fine since.



This is a horror story!! Had Comcast come in on this past Sunday (Their choice of day) to change out 4 "stand alone DVR's" for a master / slave sytem (ie. "multi-room DVR setup). All was working before the tech arrived. When the tech was finished he said "I didn't have enough material to finish the job but I will return between 9-11 tomorrow to finish". Found out after he left that two of our systems weren't working and the DVR function wasn't working at all . Called Comcast and proceeded to work my way through their 'you'll never get to a perrson system". Next day "no show" between 9-11 AM. Eventually go to a person ( in a call center somewhere. She first tried to identify the account number and couldn't find in their system. The she asked for the last four digits of the SSN of the person registered on the account. When I gave them to her she insisted that they were wrong. I put the person on the phone who insisted that she actually knew her own SSN. Finally she agreed that it was correct.
After all of this BS I told her I didn't want to discuss it any further and that I wanted the telephone number of a local Comcast Service Desk in NJ. She gave me two telephone numbers . When I dialed those telephone numbers it turned out they were for the NJ Utilities Authority.

Connected on their "chat Line" and got somebody who said that Comcast wouldn't be able to send a technician until two days later. I responded and said "If i understand you correctly you are saying you can't send somebody to fix what you screwed up for another two days". She then disconnected.

Called back and got somebody in Delaware (Sally) who said she would have somebody here the next day between 11-1PM. When I relayed that info to my daughter (owner of house) she got so pissed that she called Brian Roberts (CEO of Comcast). She got to a couple of administrative assistants in his office that said they were sorry for the problems and would have somebody over at the appointed time tomorrow (11-1PM).

Guess what . Comcast didn't show up or call to say they would be late. My daughter called Brian Roberts office again and lo and behold a techinician arrived within ten minutes.

In between these events our High SPeed Internet Service stopped working. There was a Comcast "splash screen" preventing any internet access.

When the techician finally arrived he started working the problems that the previous technician had screwed up. He worked for about two hours and straightened out most of it. We still have one TV setup not working because one of the set top boxes was defective and they were "out of stock " on that item.
How's that as a way to run a business. Still don't know how long it will take them to get that setup back up.

Besides the problems from 7-13 (No STB for one setup/ one old stand alone DVR left for one new one that is defective) NOW the only STB (new multi-room satellite unit) doesn't work in TV or DVR mode. Also just lost TV Guide on one of the original "stand alone DVR boxes" and cannot get it back. Essentially the "multi-room DVR" function is not working". Great weekend to have all of this happen with British Open on!!

7-17-11Good News: My eight year old grandson found the way to get the one "satellite" box of the multi-room DVR to work AND the TV Guide reappeared after being missing for two days ???
Bad news tech was supposed to come today . Will not be here until Tuesday (supposedly has his hands on enough boxes to complete the changeover). We'll see. Will report after Tuesday visit.

7/19/11 Tech arrived 9 AM. First asked him about where he had installed the POE filter. He said he didn't first tech should have done it. I said I didn't think he had and would he pull the cover off the cable box outside and check for me. He pulled the cover and there was no POE filter installed. He said let's check in the basement. I said OK but the only drop termination down there is for the cable modem and the basement TV. It wasn't there either. He agreed to install it in the cable box but he didn't have one he could positively identify as the correct filter. He said he would return later to install it. He proceeded to install the other boxes and phone Comcast to remove the old and intstall the new. He said it would take some time for the updating to occur. He said he would return after 2:30 PM to install the filter and check on things. I said I would leave a note on the cable box outside as to whether the system was working correctly or not. Came home about 1:00 PM and checked out the 5 setups. One "stand alone DVR" was working fine AND the four Multi-room DVR boxes were not working as far in the "video on demand" and the DVR functions were concerned. Left him a note on the cable box. Had to leave home at ~~ 4:00 PM but called home and checked at 5:00PM . Tech had not been there or called back from message left on his cell phone. Haven't been able to check further this evening . Will check again in the AM. It's now been TEN days since Comcast took a working installation down to make some upgrades and haven't been able to get it working yet !!!!!!!!

7-19-11 late PM:
Technician did return (~~ 9 PM). He had to call Comcast "provisioning" (they either hadn't completed it or did it wrong). He got the "provisioning" straightened out and installed the POE filter in the outside cable box.
ALL IS NOW WORKING (Mostly due to the skill of the last tech and a knowledable customer querying about what should have been done automatically )!!!!!!! AND IT ONLY TOOK NINE DAYS /TWO MISSED APPOINTMENTS AND SEVERAL CALLS TO THE COMCAST CEO'

It's not over yet. Been away for several days . When I came home I checked out the Multi-Room DVR operation on the three "satellite DVR setups". One works correctly / two do not !! "ON DEMAND" also doesn't work on these two setups.
Will have to get Comcast to send a tech AGAIN !!
Today will be TWO WEEKS since this problem started.


Managed to get one of the two "satellite DVR's going". Can not get the other one up on DVR or "On Demand". Will have to call Comcast in again.



Have had numerous "sporadic" problems mainly with AnyRoom DVR setup/Video on Demand over the last year. Most recent problems (satellite AnyRoom DVR boxes couldn't access VOD) culminated in three recent service calls (and one missed appointment by Comcast including failure to bring a replacement for a standalone DVR STB for three consecutive visits)..

Believe the situation has finally been resolved. Last tech was very knowledgeable and ended up doing the following:

The service technician did an excellent and very knowledgeable job even though it consisted of doing things that had not been done previously to get to the root of the problems including (but not limited to) :

- Complete signal level analysis from the curb box through to the individual house STB locations.
- Replacing the curbside adapter/termination module
- Replacing the coax between the curb and the house (the cable still needs to be buried it is presently above ground)
- Re-installing a 15 db amplifier in the outside cable box and rewiring the box to get the higher signal level terminations to the AnyRoom DVR boxes
- Re-terminating coax connections that were questionable

These actions last week have hopefully finalized the problems related to the AnyRoom DVR installation (~~ a year ago).

Also received a new DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem via UPS this week. No info with it as to why I received it or account note/letter. Went ahead and installed it last night. Works fine and resolved the additional problem that I no longer had access to the cable modem data on after IPV6 was introduced. Now have access to the cable modem data again.

Also the new modem boosted speeds from 30+ Mb/s down//8 Mb/s up to ~~ 50 Mb/s down and ~ 10 Mb/s up !!

Hopefully this is the culmination of the last years problems. Only outstanding item is Comcast coming to "bury" the coax (curbside to house). Supposedly scheduled for Sept. 12th.


Received a new DOCSIS modem (Arris TMS722G) a couple of months ago and installed it.

Technical Follow-UP Note: Have been monitoring EMTA data over the last several months. Seems like "Correctable Bit Error Rate" is ~~ 10^ -9 and "Un-Correctable Error Rate is ~~ 10^ -7 !! Only upsets seem to be occasional event log entries like (MTA TFTP: Successful
11/25/2012 12:12 26 MTA PROV: Successful!).

Very satisfied with the new TMS 722G performance !!



Comcast system HSI performance continues to improve. Haven't had an "uncorrectable error" in the last 436 Billion octets over the last 52 days ! Correctable errors have stabilized at about 4 in 10^8 octets.

TV and telephone performance has also been great .

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Overall performance has been great. Generally speeds have been in the 50 Mb/s down and ~~ 11 Mb/s up. We run four windows PC's/four iPads/ several gaming consoles/three iPhones. Typically there are about 20-25 devices on the network at any time (including friends/visitors).

See some reduction in "download speeds" during the peak evening hours (7PM-11PM) but it only goes down to about 30 Mb/s.

Had one cable modem /service issue over a weekend about a year and a half ago otherwise no recent problems.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Memphis, TN

Poor Service very unsatified Service can't even get them out

I have spoken with over 17 Comcast costumer service reps and half of them being managers.  I haven't had cable internet or phone service since Aug 1 2012. I have been hung up on 7 times. I have had 4 different exclulated numbers and 7 appointments made and NOBODY HAS SHOWN UP! I have missed 3 days of work and been told I have $125 of credit now for the inconvenience. I had appointment this past wednsday 29 2012 nobody showed up! Had appointment TODAY August 30 2012 NOBODY SHOWED UP! Customer service said they were canceled!!?!??? Which I did not CANCEL THEM. I have tried to cancel my service but then talked into being reassured someone will be here the next day, NEVER HAPPENED!

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