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Review by sashwa See Profile

  • Location: Alameda,Alameda,CA
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
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Update 6/14 - Service remains stable.

Update 11/13 - Service remains stable.

Update 8/2011 - Service remains stable.

I am a former AP&T customer. When I found out they were selling their Telecommunication Business to Comcast, I decided to take advantage of a Comcast promo bundle for a lower price, more channels, and faster speeds rather than wait for the migration.

The on-line ordering fast and painless. The $40 installation fee was waived. I also told them that I had my own modem so would not need to rent one. I ordered 11/18/08 and the install date was 11/22/08 between 12 and 4pm.

Installer showed up a little after 4pm. He informed me that my modem would not work with their service because of the upgrades Comcast had in the works and that I would have to use and rent the RCA modem that he brought. I figured he was pulling a fast one but decided to let it go for the time being as I just wanted to get the install done. This was confirmed when he called into dispatch to get the RCA modem up and running. He had the person on speaker phone and when he told the guy I had decided to go with the leased modem, the guy on the phone snickered. I informed them that I heard the snicker but let it go as it was 5:30 already.

On Sunday morning, I unhooked the RCA modem and hooked up my SB5100 and called into Tech support for them to register/re-provision my account to use my own modem. This was somewhat painful as it took most of the day for them to get it right - after 3 phone calls. The first 2 people couldn't do it and said they would be calling me back within 2 hours when it was done. Guess what - no phone calls and no connectivity. Third phone call was the charm and he had me up and running within 10 minutes or so while I was on the phone with him.

On Monday, I returned the RCA modem with no problem, got a receipt for it, and had them make sure that my account showed that I was using my own modem so I wouldn't be charged a monthly rental fee.

My Moto SB5100 is working just fine with the service at this time as I thought it would. Speeds are fairly consistent throughout the day and night.

My plan is 6000/1000 and with the power boost, I am consistently seeing higher speeds. At this time I am a satisfied customer but time will tell.

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