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Review by perki See Profile

  • Location: Santa Maria,Santa Barbara,CA
  • Cost: $75 per month
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Fastest Internet In Town Beats Verizons Pants Off"
Bad "Worst customer service of any company i have ever used. No one seems to do their job right."
Overall "If you can avoid using customer support, Comcast is a solid ISP"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I do not know what people have against comcast. There service is 99.9% reliable. Its gone out 2 times in the last 14 months. Once after a fire and again after a thunderstorm. Its kind of expensive but if combined with a low cost voip provider it can be a little less than you POTS and DSL combined. As demonstrated Below.

I have the blast package (16 Megs Down and 2 Megs Up) which is $72.86 after taxes and Voipo which is roughly $13.75 a month . Combine the two and it comes to $86.61. With Verizon there fastest connection is 1Meg, not fast enough to provide a steady voip connection. So you have to use there POTS which cost big $$$. Anyway 1MB DSL is $19.99 and the POTS with unlimited minutes and three features is $54.99. Plus a unlisted number which verizon charges $1.25 a month for. I'm not sure about the taxes but i remember when my family had verison there was at least $10 in taxes and fees. For example there was a 911 Fee, Line Recovery Fee, State taxes, etc. So the unoffical amount is about $86.23 give or take.

So lets see a very reliable 16meg connection and Unlimited Phone Service with over 20 great features for $86.61 a month or POTS, a unlisted number, and a 1Meg dsl line for Roughly 86.23. That is a 40 cent difference, A lot less than most people think.

Here is a good experience that stuck with me. The other night there were new maps available for gears 2. About 80MB, my friend and i started downloading at the same time. By the time he was at 20% i had already download the maps. And by the time he finished downloading them (about 15 mins later) i had already played all three.

The only bad thing is having to reset my modem every few days to stay at peak performance.

Overall Comcast Broadband is a much better deal than it leads onto be. The only bad thing is the 250 Gig Cap. But its still a little smaller data allowance than verision dsl. Do the math and you will see a 1meg connection running 24/7 at 100Kbps (Top speed based on my buddys connection) for 31 days only 259 gigs, compared to 250 gigs via comcast.

Anyone moving to Santa Maria needs to get comcast and a voip provider. It makes for a much better internet experience. Maybe if verizon looses more and more people they might think about bringing FIOS here in 09. The day that happens verizon will be welcome in my home again. No questions asked.

Update 2/1/2009

After 4 months of lies i finally got my blast speeds. I get about 2 megabytes a second when i download and that's faster than anything i thought was possible worth my current hardware. Ive come a long way from 180kbps DSL. And like i said before with blast and voip its the same price as POTS and DSL, ultimately making this the better deal for value.

Update 4/14/2009

My Blast Price Went Up $2.00 while around the country Blast Prices Are Being Lowered 10-15 Dollars. So since i am now receiving blast and Ultra prices i must lower the value for money from a 5 to A 2

Update 11/26/2009

Had to downgrade as part of my financial budget cuts but really don't notice a solid differnce in speed, with powerboost kicking in every so often no real noticeable speed decreases to be had. My view of comcast has really improved in the last 6 months, im very grateful they are around. I hope to upgrade to 50 tier some day

Update 3/9/2010

Finally updated to Docsis 3.0. Had a little trouble at first. Called to get me Modem Provisioned and was told they couldn't contact my "block" and that it would be activated very soon and she would call me back. A hour goes by and nothing so i call back to see what happened. Then was told they did not know what i was talking about. So after a few minutes of talking he told me he had activated my modem, so then i proceeded to upgrade my service the the 50 meg package which cost $115 month. Did a few real world downloads with megaupload and got a sustained download speed of roughly 6,500 kilobytes a sec... Blisteringly fast (considering only 5 years ago i was downloading stuff at 5 kilobytes)

Update 3/10/2010

Called comcast today and downgraded to there 22/5 package. Decided that 50 megs was to much for me at this point and time. So now i pay 78 dollars a month for 22/5, or soon to be 30/7!!! Downloads are currently max out at 3,000 kilobytes a second which is perfect for me.

Update 1/29/2013

Just upgraded to a package named Blast Plus. It includes Blast tier internet service, digital economy cable and HBO for only 69.99 a month. The internet side of things is smooth as ever. But as a video provider Comcast is terrible. I never understood the hate people have for Comcast but now i know. After my order Comcast charged me an $38.00 etf fee even though i just upgraded my service. They also did not send me a required cable box which i had to take time to arrange them to send me one. After my box came i found out i was not on the right cable tier. I had to talk to ten, yes ten "tech" reps before i got savey enough to walk the rep through it. (They were sending the "activation" signal to a ghost box on my account.

After that i contacted billing and arranged to have my etf fee waived, partial monthly service fee waived and get a $20 credit for having to spend over 3 hours getting my cable to work.

Because of Comcast blunders i lowed their pre sales information, Install co-ordination, and Tech support from 4 to 1.

After all this is still think Comcast is an incredible value. Find me another isp provider that offers 30 megs (really 24 megs without the powerboost bs) internet, a tv package with actual channels and HBO for $70 a month.

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Plymouth, MA

I do not know what people have against comcast.

You answered your own question, you claimed your service only went out twice in 14 months? well good for you! in other parts of the country and maybe even next door to you, comcast goes out all the time and we deal with it because we don't want to call and waste an hour of our life hearing did you unplug your box. the service sucks the company sucks and the douche bag that owns the company sucks!