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Review by Tsume See Profile

  • Location: Johnson City,Washington,TN
  • Business customer Business customer
  • Cost: $199 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 70 days
Good "Fast compared to the "competition""
Bad "Had to pay to get line run originally even though my house is right on the street"
Overall "My only choice and it works very well."
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Value for money:
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Update December 13 2013: Switched to Business class. It's working great! A bit pricey but there's a price to be paid when you don't want caps. We use about 1TB/mo here. We do have DOCSIS3 in our market and it works very well. The service is almost never down.

Update March 19 2011: Still working great. There was a week with major widespread outages in the area at the end of last year, but they did finally get that resolved. Since then it's been working fantastic. No DOCSIS3 yet, latest I've heard from the office is July this year is when we will have it. I got the multiroom DVR and am happy with it. They re-did their office in Gray and it's no longer the size of a tool shed on the inside... there's actually room for a line to form and it looks very nice. Am overall very satisfied with the Comcast service.

Update July 18 2010: I moved to Gray, Tennessee last year. I had CenturyLink since I left Winter Park, Florida in October 2009. 1.5mbps is terrible and should not be labelled as broadband. After battling with the Comcast phone reps in Knoxville over whether I can or can't get cable and appealing to Comcastcares, I was informed that cable service was not available where I'm at unless I pay 4 grand for a run. My neighbor can get cable and is about 900ft away. After a few trips to the office around January/February, I got an actual quote of $2270. In May I went to go pay and they had to get a new quote since they didn't have mine handy and said I would need to return next week. I returned and the quote had somehow lowered to $631. I wrote a check on the spot since that is 1/8 what I was quoted in the first place, even though I still wish they would have had this house wired for cable already... its been here since the 40s.

At the beginning of this month (July) I noticed they had finally ran the line. Got an appt set up. The tech who came to the house was very courteous and got the HD DVR set up and running with the TV. He tried installing the SB6120 I got on ebay. Sent/Rcv was flashing and it was taking over 10 min to set up. I told the guy he can leave and if the modem is bad I'll just get a new one from best buy. Turns out the lights flashing like that means its updating firmware, neither of us knew that and it wasn't in the modem documentation. Google's my friend. After 30 min the modem synced and I had to talk to Comcast to get it re-provisioned. Once all that excitement was over I am getting powerboost speeds of up to 24mbps and signal levels I never thought I'd see in a house as old as this... I really can't complain, it's working better than advertised and I am very happy with the service. I'm just sorry I can't get out of my DSL contract yet and that DOCSIS3 isn't here yet... ETA 2011 according to my local office.

Update Jan 01 2009: Increased my ratings a bit as the connection has been rock-solid ever since I got all the issues squared away (below). Actually very impressed with the reliability given what I've heard about Comcast.

First off, days from order to installation was actually 3, but it took another week for the service to work well.

When first installed, pings were insane high and speeds were subpar (5mbps on the 8mbps [16mbps powerboost] plan). I contacted their support repeatedly, trying to argue that 300+ms to google isn't cool. They insisted as long as I was over 3mbps they don't care what issue I have. I asked for a higher level, the lady insisted that she was the highest level. At that point I commented that if people like her were the highest level, it would explain the crappy quality of my connection.

I sent an EECB (Executive Email Carpet Bomb for those unfamiliar with the term) and long story short, my service was fixed within two days -- proving that Comcast has excellent support, if you bypass their support people. The issue was not modem signal level which I knew it wasn't, it was local congestion since this area is inhabited by mostly college students.

I now see relatively low pings, consistent 16mbps/2mbps speed tests, and haven't once had my connection drop. Now that it's fixed, my service is excellent and I'd recommend Comcast to others in this area. Embarq does not offer higher than 5mbps at my location.

My only gripes at this point are the insane difficulty of finding the actual speeds pre-sale on their website, and that we aren't the first market to be seeing the improved DOCSIS 3.0 speeds despite having the 3rd fastest growing tech industry of any metro area in the US.

Oh, and the installer was a bit rude and was having an understandably bad day as he has to use the same phone line as I would if I had to call for "support". He was on hold for 30 minutes because they didn't ask if I had my own modem, which I did. He begged me to pay with check instead of credit card, cause with a credit card he'd be on hold another 30 minutes.

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