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Review by jadebangle See Profile

  • Location: Olathe,Johnson,KS
  • Cost: $57 per month
Good "You get connected immediately if you already own a modem"
Bad "Its expensive for broadband, a lot of slow down during business hour"
Overall "Speed is better then DSL, you get advertised speed"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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today is may 2.. i have service using 5101 docsis 2.0
receiving 10mb to 22mb
upload is 2mb
pricing for 50mb and 100mb leave somewhat to be desired
107.00 50mbit or 214.00 dollars for 100mbit
ummm no thanks!!!
i think their selling higher speed but you cant use much what the point or its not always 50mbit or 100mbit due to network congestion or limitation

one year ago:
comcast make so many billing mistakes its as bad as ATT but at least their willing to fix it unlike ATT who's business is about screwing the customer no matter what.
they keep saying i rented their modem but i have my own modem and it seem they have discrepancy problems where one CSR think i have my own modem and the other think i rented it. Hmm what a mess
these cable service are shody at best and the only way im going with comcast is that their isn't a better alternative.
i have seen it go out at least 24hrs a day once a week say on saturday or sunday.
for many their isn't much of a choice
giving comcast 5 point in all area is just undeserved and allow them to get away with even more mistakes and poor internet service.
It would suck if i had comcast 6/1 for 42.95 a month or 8/2 for 52.95
excluding franchise taxes which is like 5 bucks more.
surewest kc internet is expensive for FIOS but compared to alternative it is still better.
comcast doesn't like you to use a lot of bandwidth even thought the connnection are slower and congested slow down a lot during peak time. 9 to 5pm
i really don't care about enlgish beside most american can't spell or speak proper english either. few can speak english correctly it not that its hard its just a pain in the butt. with caps and punchuation who cares?
Speak English?
Not so good. LOL
Happy now?
2/21/09: we have cease to have service since two week ago because we can only afford to keep one connection. we may signup again if extra connection is needed
It was ok but nothing great about it... we pay a lot for a connection that are shared among many user in our neighborhood. i didn't have much problem dealing with customer service. they gotta make money no matter how bad the service is. the people who work at isp is not the problem its the company that makes policy that goes against our needs for unlimited usage.

8/2 was good for me but I had to cancel it due to this silly caps of 250gb...
I can easily max out that in just 3 days! I'm not heavy user but I do it just for fun
cap is not something that anyone should tolerate
even if they offer me 100mb symmetrical for 52.95 a month then decide to just cut me off after 250gb what use is it?

If i go to a buffet and then get told sorry you can't have anymore because we need to reserve those for others whats the point of a buffet then?

unlimited connection = unlimited usage
how many are going to leave their computer on while using little to no bandwidth?

Instead of saying use as much as you like they say you can only use this much because thats what we decided and if you don't like it then find an alternative or don't have service with us. at the same time comcast will try to keep competition from servicing their area. wonderful aren't they? they got us by the ball, if their is competition then it would be impossible to implement their cap and restrict our usage

comcast would be the only aternative to something faster then dsl if that is all that is offered in your area. their so called boost only last 10mbyte
Thats right 10 measly mb!!! this would last 10 sec or less
Another useless feature that offer user higher speedtest to fake their connection speed as advertisement for comcast as being faster without giving us permanent faster speed

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