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Review by Bill_MI See Profile

  • Location: Royal Oak,Oakland,MI
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "Stable most the time, max speed"
Bad "Price and a history of idiotic support"
Overall "Best I can find"
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·WOW Internet and..
DSL is dead, here, since AT&T "fixed" my noise on the voice service swapping a horrible line for DSL. Cable is pretty much all I have now.

Some upgrades during 2008 caused weeks of strange and intermittent outages. Some were planned but they ran into some snags that made one outage way over planned.

Of particular note was late-year periods of outage that always recovered with a modem power cycle. Since I have no faith support has any idea what maintenance is doing, I didn't call. It lasted 3-4 weeks and then magically went away.

They are stable most the time. Speed of "PowerBoost" is well over 30mbps and 6.5mbps thereafter. Upstream was increased in 2008 from 768k (2mbps PowerBoost) to 1.5mps ( 3mbps PowerBoost).

2009 UPDATE: Had another period of outages lasting 10 days from July 9 to 18. THIS time I tracked it down to happening on channel changing - the channel will change but no data until the modem is power cycled. A total of 25 times in the period averages 2.5 times per day. As of September 14 it had not happened again.

A little investigation shows I may have a modem (DPC2100) incapable of following channel changes - it's either buggy or needs an update. But after finding out Comcast is NOT helpful at allowing customers to see such data as this (I had to find details for this particular modem) I'm not really interested to getting blind to these details by replacing it... yet. I've now added a complete modem statistics data gathering.

2010 UPDATE: We had some kind of equipment upgrade and lost high PowerBoost... 30mbps for 3 years of what was probably misconfiguration only now discovered. PowerBoost is about 20mbps now but sustained is double to about 12mbps (vs. the old 6mbps).

2011 UPDATE: After a year of "glitching" (pixelation) on cable, which went away for the cold winter but resurfaced by May, I was frustrated to no end with techs that would dutifully replace drops, cable, splitters and amps WITHOUT FIXING A DAMN THING FOR THE THIRD TIME!

I did find a group within Comcast that tries to track down exactly this sort of thing. And their people are quite refreshing above the regular techs (they actually acknowledged it's an old infrastructure issue). Yes, good people really do exist in Comcast if you can get to them. But their hands are tied - I'd have to drive their activities from my end and I'm not really interested any more.

On June 10, 2011, I switched to Wide Open West (WOW)

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