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Review by woogie See Profile

  • Location: Maplewood MN
  • Cost Contract price not specified.
Good "It's fast, I'm not paying for it"
Bad "wafen has to pay for it"
Overall "Eventually I will be paying for it :o)"

WTF? How many times do you need me to update something i like? Once isn't enough for you? The next time you want me to update I expect payment. Fair is fair.

Ah, I remember the good old day before I was pestered by about giving my review. Now I am hounded more by you then my own kids.

Nothing has changed. All is right in the world. Now leave me alone. End of transmission.
Boy you are really getting to be a pain in the arse. Has six months really gone by? Sheesh, time flies.

Well here are the same reviews:It's fast, I'm not paying for it.
Bad points: wafen has to pay for it.
Bottom line: Eventually I will be paying for it too - but not today )

See ya'll in six months. 09-18-09
Good points: Good bye HVC-TWC hello Comcast speed.

See ya'll in about six months when BBR asks me to re-review.

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