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Review by JohnInSJ See Profile

  • Location: San Jose,Santa Clara,CA
  • Cost: $69 per month (36 month contract)
  • Install: about 3 days
Good "speed, 24/7 support, business class goodies (exchange, sharepoint, AntiVir)"
Bad "none yet - it's a dumb pipe like it should be."
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Install Co-ordination:
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Coming off of the excellent Sonic.net Pro DSL 6M/.8/8 static IP service, I was looking for more speed while retaining excellent customer service. Unfortunately Sonic isn't able to provide me adsl2 service in San Jose off a remote terminal. My choice was either AT&T Uverse or Comcast. Uverse has no static options, while comcast just rolled out faster 12/2 speeds on their starter business class service. With 5 static IPs that put the cost just under $70, same as sonic.net.

The service comes with an SMC 8014 cable modem, and you have to use it with statics. Statics are bridged through (how I am using it) or you can use it as a router.

Install went well, very clean (my business is in my home!) and getting reverse dns set up on my ips was accomplished with a call to tech support (on a saturday morning, no less)

The 12/2 speed rolls out tomorrow (3/17), for now I am on 6/1, but am getting nearly 8mbit down, 1.7mbit up. Will update again when new speed hits. Very pleased with performance.

Install is "free" if you sign a 3 year contract, $200 w/1, $100 w/2... your price is lock in for the contract period. There is some penalty for early termination.

12/2 speed updated sometime overnight (3/18) and is very good

No issues with the SMC8014, but I just use it in bridge mode with my own router/firewall.

And the main info page says
[quote]McAfee Virus Scan protects up to 25 PCs against viruses, spam, and pop-ups[/quote]
»business.comcast.com/internet/de ··· ils.aspx

Update 11/15/10: halfway thru the 3 year term - no complaints at all, running smoothly. Speed still quite good, but the 22/5 (or 20/4?) speed is looking very tempting!

Update 9/8/11: nearly done with three year term - 12/2 seemed fast way back when I started - might need to bump to 22/5 soon. No issues at all with the service, it has been trouble free and consistent, no down time at all in over a year.

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