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Review by runnoft See Profile

  • Location: Deerfield,Lake,IL
  • Cost: $154 per month
Good "Reliable service over the past three years"
Bad "Very pricey--price includes cable TV and HSI"
Overall "Happy"
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've subscribed to Comcast High Speed Internet and cable TV for years, since they bought out AT&T here, so I can't comment on ordering and installing, as I haven't done it with Comcast. Comcast has been an up-and-down experience for me, with good periods and bad periods. For the past three years, I'd rate my experience with them as very good overall.

I currently have 12Mbps download / 2Mbps upload speeds on HSI, plus Blast. For the past two years, the connection has been very reliable with only occasional brief outages. We also had one neighborhood-wide 12-16 hour outage of both HSI and cable after a recent blizzard.

I've had some contacts with tech support in the last two years, though no in-home service. I stopped renting a Comcast modem and got my own Motorola SB6120; I needed phone support to get that provisioned. I've called a couple of times with other minor issues. I feel Comcast has made a concerted effort to upgrade phone tech support worker training and service quality, and I've been very pleased. Waits on hold have been minimal for me. I've been escalated appropriately and with a minimum of script-reading hassle. I traded in an HD cable box for a newer model at my local office so I could get HDMI out, and that also was handled very efficiently, but local service has always been pretty good here. It's the phone tech support that had been an issue at times, but not in the past two years for me.

On the cable side, HD picture quality is very good though it could be better. Our DVR is getting a little long in the tooth and a little glitchy in playback operation. I've tried resetting it without success. I haven't asked Comcast to replace it; I'm waiting for AnyRoom DVR to become available to us (it's available nearby and is expected soon here) and will ask then.

Comcast equipment: I lease a Motorola DCT-6412 DVR, a Motorola DCH-3200 HD Cable box, and a free DTA.

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