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Review by tshirt See Profile

  • Location: Snohomish,Snohomish,WA
  • Cost: $70 per month
Good " reliable service, regular speed upgrades."
Bad "communication from inside CC are improved, still need work"
Overall "This is the best choice here, have recommended to many others"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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self install and rebates worked well.
service faster and more reliable than DSL or satellite.
billing and tech support vary, from very good to average.
Little info is easily available about service changes and future plans
Price could be lower for light users (12/2 plan, 35-40GB per month)
overall fairly satisfactory, but I will consider FIOS when it arrives here.

Generally still very statisfied with the service.
Very happy that ComCast is taking the lead in pushing IPv6, security, and open DHCP opt-in.
According to clients (i haven't needed it) CSR support is weak/very inconsisent.
Recent recommendations were met with "comcast sucks" by a wide array of newbie broadband users, so PR needs to step up and offer/PROVE comcast CAN work for many/most .
The weak links are limiting this company.

Performance plan is now $45.95 ($3 over 7.5 years is good) currently 16/2 (20/2 is supposed to be coming) was $42.95 for 3/1 when I started, so it remains a good value.
still very reliable, CSR knowledge much improved, but upgrades/downgrades/service changes still have too many glitches.
Advertising of available upgrades, deals and new services are gimmicky and not always informative as to what you are buying/if it applies to you.

9 years of comcast HSI and tv service. currently on a Blast!+ promo
blast now =50/10 with actual speeds averaging 67/11.5 for $60 a month, after promo prices seem to be rising some on the tv side, so I'll likely drop back to performance tier at 25/5 with limited basic for $75-ish, the limit of our cable budget.

ComCast continues to be the only company serving true High speed internet here. and for the most part offers excellent service, tech support can be spotty and sales seem even more confused than customers over the constantly shifting array of promos and price changes.

Still the only high-speed choice, still fairly reasonable priced, very reliable, very consistant speeds, currently uncapped, "Power Boost" recently removed (the beginning of a national trend) which is ok at these speeds and may make streaming more stable.
$70 includes 1 HD STB, with Digital Economy TV and streampix and 50/10 internet.

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Wait, you are able to get $70 a month with Digital Economy and 50/10? I am paying $160 for Digital Starter and 12/2! You aren't in an area served by fiber are you?