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Review by Canezoid See Profile

  • Location: Powder Springs,Cobb,GA
  • Cost: $115 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Packages competitive, DOC3"
Bad "1st level support"
Overall "Value is here, if on right bundle"
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Connection Reliability:
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Had Comcast Digital Starter TV installed in my HTR. Added HSI a few days later. I'm a long time DSL subscriber and have not had any cable services at my house since Media One days.

Sales office called a couple of times to confirm appt and waived the DVR install fee. Pleasant experience w/ tech, ran brand new line from pole and politely installed a 3 way for me to tie my coax home runs to. New service up in 1 1/2 hrs.


Have heard and read the horror stories regarding issues, but thought I'd give a cable a shot, so far so good. TV/HD is fine, some aspects of Dish I like better, but in general both are the same. My only complaint as of yet is w/ the Fox HD, live broadcasts look great, but others seem pixelated Bones/Lie to Me, much clearer on Dish for that channel. Really like the VOD.


Absolutely no complaints, this has been great. Was undecided due to my DSL experience, but knowing the Telco has no plans a/o yet for upgrades and I'm already on 6M service along w/ the knowledge of DOC3 going on. Having seen my neighbor cut back to cable HSI, they've been quite happy I decided to just give it a whirl, $19.99 for a year and a 30 day trial for the Performance tier, had nothing to loose. Got my own modem (Moto 5101), hooked up the coax and signed up, easy as pie. Was getting 25M+ DL w/ UL around 3M at first, but I think the 12/2 updates are goin on as now I'm consistently seeing 15+ DL and UL around 6M, which is somewhat confusing because the website states w/ Powerboost UL should be around 3M, not complaining though. Netgear router handles our traffic w/ Moto no probs.


I think I'm in good Comcast area here, never had issues in Media One past and there are more updates now. I feel sorry for the ones who've not had good experiences, but that can happen w/ any service company. Hope it only gets better. I thing my ratings are fair mixed from 5's as this is new here and will have a better opinion down the road as more experience is gained from use.


Well sorry to say this has become disappointing. Started having probs w/ TV side. 2 locals are pretty much un-watchable during the day, was really ticked off not being able to see the race last weekend at Talle on HD side. Put in a trouble call, took half day, 2 techs showed up and did pretty much nothing except test for signals and change out the new splitter the install tech did for me, what a joke. I told them I had already "direct" connected my HTR feed to the service wire to which trouble followed and NO it's not my wire, there's no prob w/ Dish on same connection that I've had for 3 yrs now. Install tech had already verified good signal status on the home-run before the rec'r.

Sorry, can't commit to that. While I really like the HSI, I've opted out per my 30 day trial. Back to DSL and Dish.

Get it together Comcast, gave you a chance and you blew it.


HSI update: Am back on HSI only, called back sales and got my rate for a year. On Performance Tier, still seeing 15M on DL w/ querky UL's, guess 12/2 upgrade is coming soon. Looking forward to seeing new tiers when they become avail.

Overall no complaints although I do lose connection every now and then, confirmed w/ my neighbor that he's having same issue. Modem logs indicate quite a few timeouts through course of the day which leads to the modem reboot. Not sure about calling in yet.


DOC 3 upgrades recently completed, got the flyer in the mail and upgraded to Blast 16/2 for $5 more on $19.99. Still have some drops here and there, even so Blast rocks!! Pretty much see in the 20's on DL w/ powerboost and UL's hover around 4-5M.

Still on the fence about the whole TV thing, but still might consider trying again if the right special comes up.


Ditched my dish and signed back up on a 12m TV package saving me some $$. Was somewhat learious because of the past issue on the CATV side.

Called up, requested self install. Got rec'rs w/in a couple of days, which included a brand new 3400 DVR. All went well except for the 3400 setup probs, come to find out now after all of the hoopla that the one I initially installed was actually working correctly. I ended up having to switch out 4 of these units (1 of which was actually defective), by the 3rd tech visit he had to put in a 3416, been working fine. Would really like a 3400, but was advised to wait. HD looks great, waiting for the Digital Starter lineup to update per what it shows listed on the website. This problem is what caused all the 3400 screw ups in the 1st place.

Comcast came through and replaced pole taps recently, great! This was probably what was causing my TV issues and no more of all the T3 timeouts in modem I was seeing, although does reboot every once in while.

Right now am very pleased w/ service, just get the 1st level support thing straight and all should be good. If they had the correct info on hand w/ my new 3400 at first, I'd still have it running, caused a lot of running around for nothing.


All has been running great. Recently swapped to sb6120, still on Blast tier, runs smooth, bonding 4 channels. Don't see any of those crazy powerboost speeds as others claim when they get a new one set up. I will pretty much boost up to about 25M dwn w/ 3-4 up.

Channel upgrades to Digital Starter has added more HD, good to go. Just hope I can re-do a good bundle come Aug, don't wanna have to be swtichin around again.

Only complaint would be when I called in to have my sb6120 activated, got some hoopla from the rep who took my info, but said it would be some 24hr garbage, said I don't think so, cant be out of service for 24hrs and just guess if its working. Just contacted ComcastSteve here, forwarded him my new info and he took care of it, no biggie.

Thanks for now Comcast.



Happy New Year.

Re-connected back on Performance promo. Have been off cable internet for a while. Self install back on my 6120, all is running great. Speeds are steady 25/4 w/ powerboost.

Wife works PT from home, we have Uverse 12M but I wanted a backup connection in case something went down. Will prob just downgrade Uverse to lowest tier for now to save $. She has stated for what she does on the PC for her work that cable seems smoother/faster, so it'll be primary for now.

On a 6 month promo at $29.99.



Still on HSI, switch to Blast Plus last week on special temporarily, YOWZAAA !

Switching back to Double Play Starter bundle, HSI back to Performance, which is OK. Will have anyroom DVR, Hallmark stuff for the ladies.

Looking forward to X1 stuff here in this area. Services worked fine in the past, hope it will now.

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