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  • Location: Panama City,Bay,FL
  • Cost: $190 per month (24 month contract)
Good "You do get quite a bit for your money"
Bad "Customer service is becoming horific. "
Overall "Unhappy"
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Jan. 28 2015

Jan. 16th I tweeted @comcastcares, and got no reply until Jan 26th. So I replied, and no response. I tweeted again on the 28th, got a reply, and DM from Comcast Dan. He supposedly set me up an appointment for today Feb. 1st. Yesterday I got a call from Comcast Simon (?) asking if I was still having issues, and I said I was. He began recommending weird options (a TG722, several years old), and when I called him on that, he became quite rude. So to change the subject, I asked about the appointment I had scheduled, and he said you have no appointment, and abruptly switched me off into the queue! I hung up, and checked my account online, and sure enough, no appointment showed! I fired off a feedback form, and got a fairly quick callback. So now I 'think' I have an appointment tomorrow, but my God, customer service is on a fast train downhill.


Jan. 22, 2015

I don't even recall when I wrote my previous review. I didn't stay gone long. The other option here is WOW (still Knology at that time), and they make Comcast look like the best possible choice.

Overall, I have been happy. Customer service is still spotty and frustrating, but services are good. I have a single channel which has audio issues, and Comcast and the station blame each other. I currently have the HD Premier Triple Play for $159, which includes all the premium channels but TMC, Sports Entertainment Add-on, Extreme 105/20 Internet, and phone. My current gateway, Technicolor TC8305C, is a POS, and I've had issues with getting it traded for something else. A chat CSR said she was sending me a Cisco Gateway III, and instead I received TWO other gateways, one the same as my current, and another older one. For that, I was charged two shipping fees of $9.95, and the phone CSR refused to remove but one. So there it is. Don't deal with customer service, and you'll be happy.


Update: Wow, because the woman did not close my account properly, I got another bill claiming money was still owed. I emailed the rep who was supposed to be resolving this issue, and she (hopefully!) finally got it closed and cleared. I'm extremely disappointed with my last couple of months experience with Comcast customer service. Up until this period, I had no real problems, but sadly, the phrase "what have you done for me lately" comes to mind.


Some frustrations lately with customer service and the discovery that my 1 year price was about to expire finally pushed me away. The disconnect between online reps and local reps can be EXTREMELY frustrating. And when I replaced my rented modem, I had some issues with the first device I bought. The lady whom I was speaking to on the phone was going on GOOGLE to try and figure out how to help me! The woman didn't have a clue, I don't know if I got shunted to the wrong department in the queue or what, but that was unbelievable.

And after taking my equipment to the local office and (fortunately) getting a receipt, I was still getting emails and phone calls forwarded from my Comcast number and email. After a week and a half, I called, and the lady to whom I spoke says their record shows I didn't return my EMTA. Grrrrr! She was kind enough to allow me to email her a scanned copy of my receipt, and hopefully that resolved the issue. She didn't reply to my request for an update yet, so we'll see.

Bottom line is, services are good, but expensive. Customer service reps are very much a toss of the dice, and the difference between what an online rep tells you and what your local office can/will do is very frustrating at times. And if you return equipment, GET A RECEIPT and hold onto it.

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