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Review by mike5026 See Profile

  • Location: Rockford,Winnebago,IL
  • Cost: $65 per month
Good "Fast stable internet way faster than DSL"
Bad "Horrible Technical Support takes them forever to register a modem"
Overall "If you want a faster speed go with Comcast but if you want good tech support I wouldn't recommend it"
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Install Co-ordination:
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My current speed is the Blast! 16/2 at a discount price of $49.99 for 6 months and $62.95 after that. The installation was pretty quick and painless they just installed a cable wiring for me for free and got it up and running within 30 mins. The bad experience I only got was the modem kept unregistering itself and I kept getting the walled garden(Welcome to Comcast Activation Screen). Which is quite annoying you would have to call in to register it. I don't do the install software because theres no point to get it. But the speeds are usually fast and powerpoost usually makes my speed up to 30mbps not bad!

Update 9/24/10

I currently upgraded to the extreme 50. I must say it is lighting fast! I bought my own modem SB6120 so I don't have to pay comcast's crazy pricing as if I'm already paying for a crazy price. I'm still a happy customer here!

Update 10/14/11

Decided to get Comcast again after several attempts with a different carrier. I did have a couple problems with the billing department charging me several things that they did not do such as Wireless Network Install. Had to wait for a credit that took about 4 weeks. Other than that I use a SB6121 and a router Linksys E4200 including a Wireless Extender Linksys RE1000. Still getting fast lightning speeds for a low price of $39.99.

Update 05/28/12

Still have Comcast Blast! for $39.99. So far I am happy with the speeds but there would be an occasional slow speed or connection issues as usual.

Update 10/05/13

Still have Comcast Blast! for $64.95. Price increased even from years of service. Speed has been upgraded to 50/10 which is amazingly fast for me. Also, upgraded the modem to have 8 downstream and 4 upstream. Current modem is Motorola SB6141 and using a Apple Extreme Airport Base (2013 version)

Update 04/23/14

They have upgraded my speed to Extreme which is 102mbps/20mbps. It is not bad but the price remains around the 40-50 per month.

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