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Review by Camaro See Profile

  • Location: Westfield,Hampden,MA
  • Cost: $239 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 1 days
Good "Well not much "
Bad "Well after this past summer a lot"
Overall "Not to hot lately"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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If i had more choices i would jump contracts every year but they (isp telco's) don't tread on each other especially when it comes to us saving money.

Well after months of pestering decided to try the triple bundle,they gave 22/5 with all my channels (everything channel but sports package, foreign channels wife loves the movie channels) two dcx-3400's new moto 6120, and fruity RCA/Thomson device for 149.99 for 12 months no install fee so i couldn't say no plus Verizon just jacked the basic phone line to like $60 and change with all fee's and after months of waiting for fios, they can kiss my ass.Well got it installed on 12/11 and after a weekend of speed test i am very happy with the speeds,now if i never need to call tech support i will be in bliss.

Really nothing new speeds have increased over the last month don't know why but i am not complaining,they gave us a new deal for a little more money they include sports and keep my speeds locked in longer,still wish fios would come here to my town.

After a real Comcast tech not the rent a ones came out and finally figured out my T3 issues by real troubleshooting my connection has been solid.I Didn't like how they changed our speed packages without notification,also the cable has gone downhill from no sound to complete stops in the picture which I figure is they keep on squeezing more channels out of less bandwidth,if that was fixed I would be a happy camper.One last thing is there tech support still sucks, if they tell me one more time to reset my modem and router it's going to drive me to drink.

Well It's time for another review. After they mixed up there speed's recently these are my new one's for my area these are straight price's no 6 month crap.

Economy Plus $29.99 3mbps down 768kbps up
Performance $48.95 20mbps down 4mbps up
Performance Starter $49.95 6mbps down 1mbps up
Blast $58.95 30mbps down 6mbps up
Extreme $99.95 50mbps down 15mbp
Extreme 105 $199.95 105mbps down 20mbps up

The cable channels have finally worked out the kinks, before it was cutting out at least once a day now it's down to maybe once a week so I don't complain.
The performance and performance starter packages don't make any sense but it's on there website for packages so who knows if that is a mistake.Not much else new for my neck of woods so as long as my service is always up can't complain except about the price's but that will never change.

Let's see, after hot summer here, the heat apparently was overheating a node during most of the day and killing my upstream signal very often. Comcast finally sent out a tech who was smart enough to figure it out but he said a line truck was needed, one never showed up of course. After 5 calls the problem still wasn't fixed, but by then the weather cooled down so it stopped happening. I have given up for a little while it gets so frustrating. So Comcast has failed big time. The only positive is they installed a free access point at he end of my street. I will report back with prices when I get more time.

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