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Review by Krisnatharok See Profile

  • Location: Sterling,Loudoun,VA
  • Cost: $60 per month
Good "Powerboost, fast, dependable"
Bad "Expensive, only broadband offered"
Overall "Fast, Expensive, Could be worse (no other options)"
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I live in a development that offers only Comcast, not Verizon Fios (even though it's available one block away), so we're pigeon-holed in terms of competition.

We have the triple-play package with HD Cable, 6 Mbps internet (with +6 Mbps Powerboost), & digital phone for $119/mo (no contract), this deal is good through 03/2011. To cut costs, my wife and I built an HTPC and cut our Comcast phone and TV. We currently are renting Powerboost 12/2 for $60/mo. The modem is rented and is an ARRIS Model # TM502G.

We rarely lose connectivity (once in the past year when Comcast DNS servers went down, we switched to Google's and were back up), and the connection is fast enough to support Netflix to the HTPC while I game on my machine and my wife watches Hulu and web browses on her laptop.

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