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Review by azstu See Profile

  • Location: Tucson,Pima,AZ
  • Cost: $75 per month
Good "Have used it for 10 years now with little interruption.. It is the only game in town so I have no choice"
Bad "Local Customer service/via phone is crap!"
Overall "Online Customer service at DSL comcast direct forums here is amazing!! Comcast Steve deserves a Knighthood."
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Comcast is big and pretty bad at responding well to customers problems. basically cos they have so many of them. I will do anything to fix a problem rather than call the tech service people here locally at least, as they are a 'tad unknowing'

but... when i calculate how it helps me and my work..... how much I save on phone/online movie viewing etc... its still worth the cost to me. I have had a relatively issue free connection these last 9 years or so.. I was truly impressed today tho with the Comcast Direct forum and specifically 'comcast steve' who seems to run it. Amazing help on solving my issue uniquely about provisioning a modem without calling them and he seemed to do it on his own time . They also resolved my cable installation by correctly installing a new cable run of 300 ft inside a shielded sleeve which fixed up various errors I was getting very efficiently so that I was impressed with ( tho I was told later they should have installed it that way in the first place)

So I know when the connection goes out its the most maddening thing in the world, I still don't really know what I would have done without it. Anyway this is an update. Price is creeping up .. now at 75.. current issues with no meter showing. but overall I cant complain too much. its my only choice

This is a quick update as at June,2013.. about a yr after the above review. Comcast for me now never seems to die or crash thanks to new cable install. Apart from getting their attempts to get me to buy more ( TV.Phone etc), I pay 75 and to be honest I think what i get for that is worth it, So right now, the system works really well, the price is ok. I have no complaints. So I guess its a good service

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