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Review by pclover See Profile

  • Location: Santa Cruz,Santa Cruz,CA
  • Cost: $175 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 7 days
Good "Only ISP in my area at a decent price that doesn't suck to bad somtimes."
Bad "Don't listen to the customer, Horrible tech support and blame my equipment every time I call for issues. Price Increases"
Overall "My only choice for interent really."
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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Update: 1/16/2014

Much of the same. Still no word on speed upgrades.

Happy tho that comcast got on the ball with IPv6 were as most people are still lacking IPv6 support.

Update: 10/9/2013

So, Comcast has increased the blast package to 24/4 from 16/2 in the area. Still no word on any upgrades for 50/10 Blast.

As for customer service it still needs work IMO. I try to speak with customer solutions now when I have an issue and they generally resolve it.

A rep was able to get me HD Preferred plus XF for 139.99 month for 2 years and was happy with that.

Update: 3/27/2013

Comcast customer service is really horrible now!. IT takes more than one call to get anything done.

Also, Comcast Cares lying to me or just providing incorrect information just makes it that much better.

See »Comcast Cares LIED to me I think

I'm sad to see Steve is gone.

Update: 10/9/2012

My service has been ok of recent. There is 6 DS Channels in my area but unsure why still no speed upgrades? Hopefully they come soon.

P.S. The comment blow from TRIGGZ00 shows how much the entry level people are comcast are educated. DOCSIS 3 has MUCH to do with connection reliability

Update: 8/7/2012

My service has been good of recent. Hope that the need speed tiers come soon to my area. No congestion or time out problems of recent. I HOPE it says like this and the price doesn't go up.

Update: 7/15/2012

Finally 4 DS channels was brought to my area and that resolved the congestion issue. A happy camper now that the issue is fixed.

Update: 7/4/2012

The congestion in my area has started to become bad at peak . Techs have promised me that more downstream channels would come but they haven't yet.

I wish I had Fios or another ISP to go to. Cruzio is a local ISP in my area that has ADSL2+ but the phone lines in my apartment are bad.

Update: 4/15/2012

They are starting to Implement DOCSIS 3 in my area. However CS still needs alot work. I was shipped an eMTA to replace my DOCSIS 2 one and the agent promised me on the phone that it would be activated. Guess what it wasn't? So I called them on my old eMTA and they said to just go online and I should be able to activate and guess what that doesn't work. And in order to activate my eMTA I need to have it plugged in and call back. That's great BUT I HAVE NO PHONE SERVICE IF THE eMTA IS NOT ACTIVE!

So I ended up having to add minutes to my prepaid phone to get it activated. Took 3 agents. First one got my internet part working but said me might have to send a tech out to activate the voice What? All the tech does to active it makes a phone call to Comcast! Also do you really expect me to go several days with no phone service? Second person hung up on me and the 3rd knew what she was doing and activated the phone part of my eMTA.


I have to give props to netcool here on dslreports. He is awesome and very helpful! For now on all my service issues are going directly to him if my service isn't out.

So they really need to work on there Customer Service.

Update: 3/6/2012

So far Comcast has been better. My connection hasn't dropped out much at all

I would like Docsis 3 to come to my area sooner but that isn't easy to deploy in my area it seems.

UPDATE: 9/17/2010

Comcast was able to fix my issue by a different brand modem. As long as my connection stays the same and prices wont go up I'll stay with Comcast for now.

Have had Comcast for a few years now. At first Comcast was good but It's the only ISP I can get in my apartment and I've been having issues with Comcast at the moment. Connection drops out and hasn't' been fixed after 5 techs. They Like to blow smoke up my a** about support and the issue I'm having now.

I have the 16/2 or 3 mbps up plan digital unlimited voice and digital starter cable.

Go though 3 cable modems have a Arris TM602G for my modem and a Motorola DVR DCT614 v3 I think?

Also keep telling me Docsis 3 is in my area and more HD channels.

I also think the stuck 250 GB cap and no option to get more bandwidth unless business account is kinda stupid.

Shows there infrastructure cant handle as many subscribers as they do if somebody needs more bw.

I will update this review in a few months.

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updated 1 year ago


I do this for a living

Dover, DE


you do have more then one cable outlet dont you? doesnt need to be on the same outlet as the one your replacing....
I'm better than you!


Santa Cruz, CA

Re: outlets

I do have more then one line ran to my house.

What are you trying to point out?



DOCSIS 3.0/Employee Input

You need a modem that is D3 capable and must subscribe to D3 to get those speeds and channels! Docsis 3.0 has nothing to do with connection reliabilty.


Santa Cruz, CA

Re: DOCSIS 3.0/Employee Input

I have an Arris TM722G which a Docsis 3 modem.

I am subscribed to Blast service which Comcast suggests that I have a Docsis 3 modem.

Extra downstream channels will help with congestion.


d3 yet?

have you been upgraded to d3? noticed they offer the 25mbit service is SC now, but not the faster tiers.


Santa Cruz, CA

Re: d3 yet?

I have D3 but faster tiers are not offered yet.

Speed upgrades will come the middle of the year a local tech says.


Re: d3 yet?

yeah we have free basic cable (through our HOA) and I noticed alot of the HD/digital channels were switched up last week. was hoping this meant the new speed tiers were on there way. glad to hear they'll be here by the summer


Santa Cruz, CA

Re: d3 yet?

I hope So.

I do have 8 DS channels now so hopefully a good sign.