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Review by Mike_ See Profile

  • Location: Fort Lauderdale,Broward,FL
  • Cost: $75 per month
Good "Consistent, fast speeds and uptime thus far..."
Bad "None that I can think of."
Overall "Quality service - Best bang for the buck around here!"
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Install Co-ordination:
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Value for money:
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*Sept. 2010 - I had U-verse prior. Being as I moved, Comcast was the only available wired TV provider and also the fastest Internet provider in the area so I jumped for it (had them before a while back). Install was 2 weeks ago and it went very smoothly. Ordered 15/3 tier (20/4 I seem to consistently get) w/ owned modem (sb5101) w/ free HD DVR, HBO for a year; $29.99 6/mo., $42.95 internet, totaling around $75/mo. Price will jump up soon after, but it will still be a great deal nonetheless. The building I am in utilizes them for their Business Class service as well. I would highly recommend the service!

*Update May 9, 2011 - Still going strong, had an outage for a few hours one morning - that's pretty much been it. Solid, consistent, and fast

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