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Review by GmDude66 See Profile

  • Location: York,York,PA
  • Cost: $146 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Fastest internet in York. Love the X1 platform"
Bad "Billing mistakes occasionally"
Overall "Will be staying with Comcast"
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UPDATE 2/13/14
I have upgraded to a triple play package about two weeks ago.
This included 50/10 Blast internet, X1 Platform, and Unlimited voice.

I am really enjoying the new speeds and the X1 platform!

Would HIGHLY recommend.

UPDATE 6/21/12
Upgraded to Blast! (25/4) about 3 months ago.
Since then I have gotta 8 channel downstream bonding and 3 channel upstream.
Also, have fully functional IPv6.

Never have issues with lag or packet loss.

Also, cannot wait until Comcast doubles the speed in my area.
Blast is going to become 50mbps for no additional cost!


I have the Ultra plan and it is blazing fast... Speed tests average 35/6

The only bad thing about Comcast is that their products page is not up to date at all.... It still lists the old 6 and 8 plans for my area although on my bill it clearly states Ultra Internet. (22/5 I believe)

My advice is if you are a new subscriber CALL IN and find out what plans are truly available.

I will be staying with Comcast unless something faster/less expensive comes to the York, PA area.

I would highly recommend Comcast!!

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