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Review by Mike Wolf See Profile

  • Location: Beachwood,Ocean,NJ
  • Cost: $130 per month (12 month contract)
Good "Fast internet and clear crisp channels, even more HD channels then I even knew existed."
Bad "nothing really comes to mind to be honest, maybe not expanded to enough markets yet."
Overall "This is a good company but there is room for improvement."
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I've had Comcast since 2002 when they bought out Adelphia. I've enjoyed their television service from that point on without ever a major issue. Sure there have been some bumps in the road such as cables catching fire or components being stolen, but never anything that couldn't be fixed by a service call. In 2006 I started receiving Comcast internet and have enjoyed this service blissfully. In the beginning there was a slight glitch in the account provisioning, as they had me marked down for economy tier instead of the performance tier I was paying for. Even after a technician came and looked at the equipment and setup, he claimed that it was a modem issue and to return the one that I was renting and install my own. I did so, but the issue remained. After phone call to Comcast again, they found the mistake and corrected it, plus I was credited for the difference.

The HD channel lineup is very impressive, and I know that there will be even more to come. The picture is so crisp and sharp, the sound so awe inspiring, I dare say it puts blu-ray to shame. I know Comcast will be so ahead of the technological curve, they create the curve that others must follow. They will redefine the term "trailblazer" and then rename it "Xfinity".

I really like the fact that they increased the speed of Blast and Extreme 50 customers to the faster speeds at no additional charge. Major kudos to them.

**I’ve updated this review to reflect the speed increases rolled out in the North East.

In conclusion I like this company, am glad to be a customer, and simply will be making being in a Comcast service area a requirement if I ever have to move.

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