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Review by ssavoy See Profile

  • Location: Shavertown,Luzerne,PA
  • Cost: $59 per month (12 month contract)
  • Install: about 4 days
Good "Fast & Stable"
Bad "Seems like the speed plan you pick is irrelevant."
Overall "Better than Frontier"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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UPDATE 8/26/11


All of June til mid-July there was severe connection issues that happened every night, as if someone was accidentally feeding noise back into the system. It took them FOREVER to figure out what the problem was and several calls to tech support. The tech support of course blamed the issue on my router because it wasn't a Linksys...of course because pings to my router were 1ms and pings to their gateway in the area had 90% packet loss so of course this was "my problem". They sent a tech out who was here for about 5 minutes and didn't do anything of importance nor understand the issue.

I sent an email to we_can_help@cable.comcast.net with an explanation of the issues in a friendly manner, and within AN HOUR of my email a local manager from the area called and within a week the problem was tracked down and fixed. If you know the right people, they can fix things, but their front-line customer support was terrible. I have adjusted the ratings above accordingly. Since they fixed the problem the connection has been rock solid.


Let me clarify the bad first - it seems like I always download at 20-25mbps even though we pay for 12mbps/2mbps. We get more than what we pay for, which is great, but what's the point of paying for higher plans when you can get away with fast speeds on cheaper ones? Just a thought.

Installer was 1-2 hours late and claimed he never setup internet with a customer-owned modem (SB6120). We still saw a $5/month rental charge on our bill, but customer service was prompt and removed it. We had to get a cable line run into the house otherwise I would have installed it myself.

There's a large gray box outside on the telephone pole for cable, so our downstream power was about +12dBmV. The day it got really cold out, it went out at +14dBmV. The installer I feel should have realized the potential for change and put an attenuator on the line. I put a splitter on the line and it survived all winter fine. He said he didn't even own a computer. Strange since he installs cable and internet.

Otherwise the connection has been rock solid and has not gone down in the 7 months of having the service. My upload speeds have recently taken a hit it seems but it's still within spec. They are definitely more competitive than Frontier around here.

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