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Review by jmmilner2 See Profile

  • Location: La Grange Park,Cook,IL
  • Cost: $10 per month
  • Install: about 21 days
Good "Great price for HD but you have to live in a nursing home to get it!"
Bad "Two weeks just to establish an account - the bill will be here before the service"
Overall "Wish the place allowed U-Verse Service"
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I'm trying to get cable TV for my elderly mom at the nursing home. The place provides expanded basic service and one DTA for each resident. Sadly, the prior resident upgraded her service to HD and the pre-installed DTA disappeared (I'd guess the Comcast installer took it when installing the HD - either by mistake or because the work order was wrong). My sister spent a week on the phone with Comcast before dumping the problem on me two weeks ago. Call center rep said just go to a service center and they'll handle account setup and give me the boxes. At the Service Center the first rep can't figure out how to setup an account. Has me wait 20 minutes for somebody else who also can't set up the account. First rep promises to call back on Monday (when in on a Saturday) with resolution - no call back. Next call center rep listens to the history and does set up an account (hence we will at least get billed, even if we never get service - nice business model!) and promises me they will UPS me the needed boxes by tomorrow. Gives me a tracking number which doesn't work on the UPS system. Next call center guy finally gets me a valid tracking number which shows the boxes due to me mid next week. When I point out that not having TV is a major issue for my mom, he suggests I try the Service Center again, since now that the account is set up they may be able to manage giving me the boxes.

At this point I really wish I could pay AT&T full price for U-Verse at the nursing home. Comcast's whole service ordering and installation process is a mess. They don't understand the product they sell, make promises they don't keep, and still talk about their Comcast Customer Guarantee like it means something.

As for the Fair Warning - I've been on DSLReports for about 10 years but had to sign up again after the id/password leak last month.

Update: finally got both HD and SD working. Took a few tries and a phone call to get the HD box correctly initialized. The HD picture quality was fairly good but did see a few dozen screen freezes and macroblocking in a baseball game (Cubs vs. Red Sox) so there may still be weeds in the grass. When we checked my mom's mail we did already have mail from Comcast - not a bill but a notice about a security deposit. As usual, this directly contradicted what multiple call center reps said when I asked them point blank about any deposit.

Update: After a year, Comcast started threatening my mom with a $500 fee since the last tenant of her unit died before she returned the HD box. It took a few phone calls and a review of their past handling of this account before they agreed to drop the threat. I'll let you know when they start up again (I'm guessing either end of year or this time next year). My mom reports that service goes down for the whole building for several hours every few months. The staff now post Comcast status at the elevator lobbies on the ground floor so everybody gets an update on their way to or from meals.

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