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Review by ophelus See Profile

  • Location: Brighton,Adams,CO
  • Cost: $55 per month
  • Install: about 5 days
Good "Network and Docsis 3 mostly good.."
Bad "Cherry Pickers and Cherry Picking department sucks"
Overall "Best you can get but still corporate greedy *ssholes"
Pre Sales information:
Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I've been using comcast on and off again for 6+ years.. when they were "at&t broadband" and @home..

In the town of denver, there's no one better.. qwest has a crappy network and high ms ping.. (but at least their unlimited! :P)

Twice I've been "cherry picked" and or thrown off their network.. once was in 2005 or so.. at the time they only offered 4 mbit.. and at the time I signed up for ADSL which was about the same price but offer 6 mbit (5.1 mbit usable) and 8 ip's.. + free device.. (so that worked out good back then!)

And the other time was recently in January 2011..

I dislike comcast for a lot of reasons.. but I pay them my money because they offer the best service/network for the money... and if they didn't.. I'd drop them in a heartbeat.. they offer the lowest ping (10 ms) to first hop and they offer the highest mbit (I think qwest is stuck at 5 mbit.. maybe they finally raised it!)

1. I dislike comcast for cherry picking.. have received the call or "dead modem" twice.. I hate the cherry picking department.. when I got cherry picked february for usage on january.. I called the crapping department which was open from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. and I couldn't get anyone to pick up twice! (during their supposed business hours) in addition.. I hate how the normal support reps can't help you.. there just told to route you a to a department that's not even open!!!!

2. I dislike comcast's capping policy.. I mean I'm happy it's in place now.. cause in 2005 (it didn't exist!) last time I was cherry picked/banned.. but it still sucks.. twice I've hit the limit in denver.. about 3 times I've been to minnesota stayed at a friend’s house and downloaded about 1 Terabyte a month there and no contact from comcast to my friend..

My point is they let certain areas get away with a lot more.. that's almost discrimination in my book..

3. The cap makes comcast look cheap.. $50 a month for 12-16 mbit of internet when you can only barely use a mbit for 24/7 for a month.. is just a joke.. comcast could and DOES offer some of its customer "no caps" and some of its customers 50 mbit.. (for the same price I pay) but because they are basically a "monopoly" in so many areas they shaft the customer consistently who have no decent competition.. You’re a greedy company comcast.. you don't have the heart or interest of your customers.. and because of that.. I look forward to seeing you lose money in all areas.. cause that's what happens to scummy company's in new energy.. you got a BP Oil crisis coming to you.. if you don't shape up! :P

I also don't like their traffic shaping.. they do.. but honestly rarely seen it working and their low upload.. isn't helpful but I can live with it.

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