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Review by pianotech See Profile

  • Location: New Castle,Lawrence,PA
  • Cost: $53 per month
Good "Very fast speeds; very good customer service"
Bad "Nothing bad comes to mind"
Overall "Dependable fast connection, good service"

The speeds are very good, even at peak prime time periods when the system is busy. My cost is $45.95 for the service + $7/month modem lease, which I could cut if I ever get around to buying my modem. I've been on this system since the old Adelphia days and have a review with them, but decided to review Comcast since they are now my provider.

Twice over the past 2 years, I had connection issues which were resolved quickly and painlessly. The first time, about 2 years ago, my modem levels went way out of spec. I posted about it on the Comcast Direct forum right here and a truck was dispatched the very next day. The tech came and determined I needed a new drop line. Installed it, in about 30 minutes, and everything was great.

Just a few days ago I wound up with trouble again, so this time I posted here and also called in. Again, a truck was dispatched the next day, and this time it was determined the modem was bad. Modem replaced, problem solved.

In each case, everything from the customer service rep to the technician who did the work was professional and courteous.

Bottom line, I get a strong, stable connection. Had some issues where the connection degraded, but the fix was quick and painless.

No complaints!

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