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  • Location: Alexandria,Alexandria City,VA
  • Cost: $208 per month (24 month contract)
  • Install: about 2 days
Good "Increasing number of HD channels"
Bad "Line quality isn't the best and technicians aren't trained to do anything about it."
Overall "Comcast is still learning to provide quality service after all these years."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I have been a Comcast customer for a long time and prior Jones Communications. One major gripe I've had for years, my house has a 7db inbound signal with a six way splitter at the tap and of course other splits for EMTA, Cable modem, DVRs and VCRs through the house and Comcast techs through the years think that its ok and no need to change it when channels pixelate or internet speeds are slower or phone calls drop or on demand won't load. Remember those FIOS commercials where you get 20db signal! I had to purchase my own variable signal booster, splitters, and cables to optimize the splits, lines and signals. From years ago Comcast had installed the original booster only on one TV that since died and they were unwilling to replace it or fix the issues. My neighbords for example have been going to Direct TV. I am now getting the service I should otherwise have with the booster if they had corrected the incoming signals. If I take the booster off, then its back to the issues. The good part is the neighbors going to DirectTV have improved my signal!

When I had my EMTA installed for example a couple of years ago, they split a line that caused HD channels to freeze and pixelate and calls to drop after a few minutes. When I had my new customer owned cable modem installed last year, I identified that Comcast was not providing the upgraded service I paid for based on the modem profile I was paying over Blast and they lied and said I had the service. It took numerous calls and eventually finding a knowledgeable technical supervisor who agreed that I was lied to and provided the correct modem profile. Ok if I were not a technical person, I would be paying for service I was not getting? It's easier to lie than do something about it.

I have NEVER, EVER, I'll type it again, NEVER, EVER, found an instance where I could do ANYTHING simply with Comcast other than when they sell something to you. The sales team of course is the most personable and willing to do things quickly, because...they are in sales of course. Everything else when there are issues from cable, internet, phone, and billing when there are issues its horrible with few exceptions. Even going to one of their offices is like visiting DMV and guess what, DMV has better service these days. When you go to the Comcast window, you get the stink eye and or they don't look at you at all and seemingly they are being forced to do things for you or have rude tones and attitude. I try to be nice and don't give them attitude for fear they will screw up my account like has occurred in the past. For example I changed am old cable box, of a new one no emotion, not even letting me know I was done with the transaction, just a paper under the window, sign this. I give it back and nothing.. I'm like are we done and I just get a look and a seeming grunt or something. Really just put a computer on a desk and let me type in my request which prints something in the back and let them push the new box through a hole in the wall based on that type of personability.

Comcast can have the most unpleasant service I have continued to experience in my life over the last decade. When I have an issue and call and think, ahh that was years ago, they don't change! It really is, if it ain't broke, don't call Comcast for anything because they will break it and make your life hell to get it fixed. If its broke, good luck to get it fixed properly and your better off trying yourself.

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