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Review by raythompsontn See Profile

  • Location: Oliver Springs,Roane,TN
  • Cost: $191 per month
Good "Package deal is not too bad for phone, internet and cable"
Bad "Too many deals for new customers, nothing for existing."
Overall "The only choice I have for high speed internet so what can I say."
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Install Co-ordination:
Connection Reliability:
Tech Support:
Value for money:
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I don't like special deals for new customers when there is little effort to keep existing customers. Which is more important, continued support of existing customers or new customers which may not stay?

Tech support which required a home visit on the last couple of calls was puzzling. Each rearranged the splitters saying whomever did the connections did them wrong. Apparently each tech has their own opinion.

Purchased my own data modem to eliminate the modem rental charge only to find that I had been misinformed by the local office. I still get charged for a voice modem. Shouldn't the voice modem be part of the phone service?

Not much has changed in three years. Speeds have gotten better, customer support for problems still consists of "unplug your modem for two minutes."

Upgraded to the X1 system. Every few days the secondary box will hang and be non-responsive to the remote. Only solution is to power cycle the box. The satellite boxes are slow in responding to the remote. Really don't like that the boxes become completely non-functional if some server for Comcast goes down. Cannot change channels or watched stored content. That is a really bad design.

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Hephzibah, GA

If the comcast/twc

merger goes thru the consumer will lose any hope of fair rates and competition. I live in a semi-rural area and I would have to pay $30 more for what they pay less then 25 miles away. WE NEED MORE COMP NOT LESS!!